Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Julie Bishop lies?

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Schapelle Corby - AFP, Stupid, Lazy, Incompetent or Corrupt?

Well, which is it Julia - considering Sydney Airport was a formal crime scene related to the export of $40,000 worth of marijuana, and the Australian Federal Police should have preserved every single frame of CCTV (potentially related to Schapelle), at once? Instead, all footage vanished.

Get back to me when you have an answer, and try to do it before an innocent woman dies.

(In the pic, top Julia Gillard and Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor, who will not respond, and bottom, Chris Ellison)

Schapelle Corby - Julia Gillard ignores the stench of corruption?

Click on the image below, to enlarge in full. Julia seems to have her nose in the air a bit, in this picture. I wonder if that helps her avoid the smell? Here's the excerpt from that Facebook post, with the relevant links . . .

Considering New Idea Magazine, read by over 1.5 million Australian women, judged that Schapelle Corby was much more important than Julia Gillard this week, do you think Julia might want to answer these questions before Schapelle dies? Or is Schapelle being left to her fate, the same fate that befell Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, when he tried to expose corruption? Dead from "Natural causes" with a knife in his back. Any honest appraisal of Schapelle's situation would (and will), expose the whole stinking can of worms - as well as expose the Macquarie Bank connection. Macquarie Bank own Sydney Airport. Their former director, Ian Robert Chalmers, was smuggling millions of dollars worth of cocaine through the place the SAME day Schapelle flew. He was involved with the SAME corrupt baggage handling crew that "Dealt" with Schapelle's bag. He's now serving 12 years - but how "Convenient" for him that EVERY frame of CCTV that Schapelle begged for "Vanished."

Monday, June 28, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Julia Gillard Flyer . . .

Click on the pic below to read in full. Distributed all over the country via this network. One activist has already printed off 2000 copies for distribution here, which borders the Federal electorates of Forde and Bowman, and draws large numbers of people from both. Many more printings, and distribution points, soon (and regularly). Back of this flyer here, and the web link within it here, which goes straight to the explosive new questions to Julia Gillard.

New Idea article, Monday 28th June 2010, here.

Schapelle Corby & Julia Gillard poster . . . distributed all over the country

Click on the pic below to enlarge, and read in full. And HERE is the web link in that poster (it goes straight to those explosive new questions to Julia) - and HERE is the distribution list.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Julia Gillard, ANSWER the questions . . .

Julia, despite this shocking article in New Idea Magazine this morning, your Minister is point blank REFUSING to tell the Australian people what happened to EVERY single frame of Australian airport CCTV the morning Schapelle flew from this country. I rang his office again this morning in relation to those questions, and all I got was abuse from his secretary Christine, who put the phone down on me.

And further, Anna Bligh, Australian Labour Party Premier in Queensland, is REFUSING to answer the puzzle about the cultivation and supply of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag. I spoke to Donna, in Anna's office (this morning), about these legitimate questions. She was rude, abrupt, and told me the "Letter" I was getting in "Five weeks" would (again), refer me to Stephen Smith.

Donna became even more abusive and abrupt when I (quite rightly), pointed out that Stephen Smith is not responsible for the cultivation and supply of drugs in Queensland, which was just before she (like Christine in Brendan O'Connor's office), put the phone down on me.

So Julia, please answer the questions your Minister, and your ALP Premier in Queensland, are so arrogantly and rudely refusing to reply to.

And here's the faxed questions to Julia (28th June 2010), about the "Disappearing" Australian airport footage - and here's the faxed questions to Julia (28th June 2010), about the Australian cultivation and supply of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag, which was sent with a copy of this fax to Anna Bligh (re those same questions about cultivation & supply).

Addit - Tuesday 29th June 2010

Rang Julia Gillard's office this morning, around 10.20am, and spoke to Gloria. She confirmed that the above mentioned faxes were received in Julia's office.

Addit - Wednesday 30th June 2010

Julia, just rang your office re these very important questions (considering this week's front page New Idea article), and your phone rang out TWICE. How in hell can you expect to be Prime Minister, when you can't even organise to get a phone answering system in place? What in hell is going on?

Schapelle Corby trumps Julia Gillard, Monday 28th June 2010

. . . with shocking new revelations about her innocence - and here's the letter that I've just sent to 100's of local newspapers throughout Australia . . . (82 words) . . .

"Schapelle's innocent, if anyone doubts it, read the explosive new revelations in the most recent copy of New Idea. They're eye popping, but in the light of this quote from The Sydney Morning Herald "Ray Cooper, former head of operations for the AFP's internal investigations, told the Nine Network it was well known by the AFP that unwitting passengers were being used as mules' to shift drugs between Australian domestic airports," maybe it's something that was bound to come out eventually."

Schapelle Corby - Birthday Girl's Global Day of Action . . . July 10th

I can't go over to Bali and give Schapelle a hug for her birthday on July 10th, but I can do the next best thing - by calling a global day of action to reveal the truth about the corruption that jailed her.

What does that mean? Well, Schapelle has thousands of supporters, and we can all put the word out over the wires.

So what can each of us do? There are many things, according to the time and resources we have available. I'm doing something quite big, more on that in a moment . . .

But here's a few ideas . . .
  • You can post this link to your own personal Facebook page (and some of the groups you belong to as well), so your friends can check it out.
  • You can post this link to any relevant email lists or forums you belong to, and/or email it on to your friends.
  • You can copy this small poster, print it out, and put it up at work (or anywhere else suitable you can think of).
  • You can write to your local newspaper.
  • If you've got Schapelle's book, give it to a friend to read - or buy some extra copies for birthday and/or Christmas presents. And if you've got friends or rellies overseas, sending a book to them (as a gift), via Amazon, is really easy and convenient.
  • Get a thousand flyers printed, get down to your local railway station at rush hour, or to your local weekend market, and hand them out - and you can network with other local supporters to do this on the Women for Schapelle Facebook page
Personally, I'm going to print up a thousand flyers, create a banner, network with local friends, get down to my local railway station at rush hour, and call up the local press to cover it . . .

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Public Flyer

Below is the front cover of the flyer that will be handed out, in specific places, in the run up to the Federal election, by many supporters. Click on the pic to enlarge it, and read in full. Back cover HERE.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Julia's minister pisses on justice

So, Julia Gillard is supposed to usher in a bright, shiny new Government? How about scraping the filth off the old one first?

Brendan O'Connor is her Minister for Home Affairs, responsible for the Australian Federal Police. Currently, he's pissing on justice, and point blank refusing to answer questions that could, quite literally, save the life of an innocent Australian woman.

On the 8th October 2004, around $40,000 worth of marijuana was exported from Australia, to Bali.

This was a crime in Bali, but also crime in Australia. Export of illegal drugs is a crime here, within this jurisdiction. It was a crime the Australian Federal Police were duty bound to investigate, but they didn't. Why?

The perpetrator of this crime was by no means certain . . .

"Ray Cooper, former head of operations for the AFP's internal investigations, told the Nine Network it was well known by the AFP that unwitting passengers were being used as `mules' to shift drugs between Australian domestic airports."

And . . .

And . . .

"Informer tells of baggage handlers link to cartel" - 13 May 2005, The Sydney Morning Herald

So why, in God's name, didn't the Australian Federal Police save every frame of airport CCTV relating to Schapelle immediately? All three air terminals, Brisbane Domestic, Sydney Domestic and Sydney International were formal crime scenes. Duh.

Aren't the police supposed to expertly collect (and preserve), all physical evidence at once? What was the problem? Maybe the case wasn't high profile enough for them? They "Forgot"? Or someone slipped a few Mogadons in their coffee? "Someone" must have, because every single frame of video footage vanished.

And the Australian Federal Police also completely failed to investigate two other key points of evidence. They didn't insist (as was their right under existing legislation), that the Indonesians weighed Schapelle's luggage, to compare it to the check-in weight at Brisbane. Neither did they ask for forensic testing of the drugs (as was their right too), for human DNA and fingerprints. Both items were vital to catching any Australian criminals, that is of course, unless corrupt insiders didn't want them caught. Is there any other explanation for this glaring oversight, in the most high profile case of the century? What in hell was (and is), going on?

So on the 19th June 2010, I sent Brendan O'Connor a fax, asking a very pointed question about the "Missing" airport CCTV. On Friday 25th June 2010, I rang his office to make sure he'd got it, and spoke to Christine, his secretary. Point blank, Christine told me Brendan would not reply to that question.

So Julia, in the light of that, the responsibility now falls on you. Either kick Brendan's backside, or answer it yourself - because sweetheart, and our first ever female Prime Minister, the flyers and film are ready to spread their wings . . .

Schapelle Corby & Woman's Day censorship

Why an earth Woman's Day chose to hi-lite the opinions of a woman who gave new meaning to the term bottom-feeder with these comments, is beyond me. I mean seriously, what is a major Australian publication, in our increasingly multi-cultural society, doing when it gives a platform to someone who openly boasts about her intention to break the law, and incites the same mindset that ultimately led to this horror. What next Pauline, stitching on kindergarten kids? Maybe you could tattoo their wrists at the same time?

Max Markson is Pauline's publicist, did he, like Stephen Fry's character in "Absolute Power," just think of the money?

And did Fiona Connolly, editor of Woman's Day, get shafted by the business interests of her boss?

So what's the problem now, Fiona, Max and Pauline? Why have you deleted all reader comments from the red head's recent outing? And disabled further ones? Did you get unexpected blowback? Was the obvious dislike and disgust at her venom too hot to handle?

Luckily, some were saved before that outrageous act of censorship. It obviously wasn't what you were expecting - and from the angry emails I've received, I know about hundreds more reader comments (supportive of Schapelle, and slamming Pauline), that never made it at all.

So is that why you're running away Fiona? Is that why you won't reply to my emails on the subject, or return my phone calls?

No worries though, I'll give Max a call next week - and ask him to put the questions to you, because I've tried, without result. I think the Australian people have the right to know what's going when a major publication engages in such a blatant act of censorship.

And if Max doesn't fess up either, I guess that avoidance will just become part of this public record for a very long time . . .

Schapelle Corby & Phil Collins . . .

You know, great movies deserve the highest profile when it comes to the soundtrack - and Schapelle's story, and Schapelle's song, will mesmerise the World . . .

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Red Queen . . .

I call up Anna Bligh's office, and enter the realm of the Red Queen. It's surreal.

Her Majesty condemns Schapelle to imprisonment in Queensland, yet when asked a perfectly normal question, like "On what evidence?" the monarch flies into a morbid sulk, and refuses to play. It's bizarre.

What doesn't this woman understand about the Rule of Law?

I phoned her again to-day. It was an experience and a half, a tale to tell the grandchildren in years to come.

In Little Blind Annie, I asked the gilded one for proof Schapelle was connected to the drugs found in her bag, given that cultivation and supply are illegal - and of course (without a shred of doubt), the Queensland Police would have investigated that aspect, wouldn't they?

Well, guess what?
  • No-one in Anna Bligh's office will return my calls.
  • No policy officer in Anna Bligh's office will take my calls.
  • Whenever I call Anna Bligh's office, no matter on what day, or at what time, there is never a policy officer "Available" to take my call.
  • When I ask when it would be convenient to call back, in order to speak to a policy officer, no-one will ever give a time.
To-day, for instance, I spoke with two receptionists (a junior one, and her supervisor). All the policy officers, including Nick Williams, were busy hiding behind their skirts, and we lapsed into a bizarre dialogue. I'd ask a question, and they'd have to go away and "Check." I just wasn't allowed to converse with the person they were "Checking" with.

First I got told to go away, and speak with Stephen Smith, until I asked if Stephen Smith was responsible for the administration of this Queensland Act. That made them think again. I was then told to speak to The Attorney General. Actually, I got the impression the message was "For God's sake go away, and speak to anyone but Anna."

After I put the phone down though, I had second thoughts. Bugger it, here's me, running round in circles to get a single sensible answer, while these fat cats sit on their backsides doing nothing. Anna can call up the Attorney General, and ask him my questions, if she really needs to - because the Police Minister's a dead loss, he's as deranged as his boss.

So I called back again.

This time, seems they'd mulled things over. I was told I'd "Get a letter" in about "Five weeks." At least, one of the receptionists told me that.

I then tried to relay some further simple info, without someone putting the phone down, or talking over me. It was a fight, but I managed it. I'm not a pushover.

In a nutshell, in pondering what to put in this "Letter," Anna should know that an FOI application for the info in question is also going in, via a person who is already authorised to seek it.

And it will be very, very interesting to get an FOI refusal (if that's what results), for paperwork that goes to the very heart of the allegations against Schapelle. Because Anna sweetheart, you cannot jail Schapelle without a shred of proof she was ever connected to the drugs found in her bag, whilst also refusing to provide evidence of the police investigation that should have exposed that proof (if it existed).

So far we have . . .

NO search of relevant Queensland premises.

NO investigation of phone or banking records.

NO interviews with family, friends or associates.

NO previous criminal record.

NO motive (given the marijuana was worth peanuts in Bali, compared to Australia).

NO luggage weight at Bali, or any evidence the Queensland Police ever requested it (to pin point potential criminals in Australia).

NO fingerprints or DNA from the drugs, or any evidence the Queensland Police ever requested that (to pin point potential criminals in Australia).

NO video footage from any airport.

So Anna, can I suggest something? Either put up, or shut up . . . and while you're at it, is there any chance you might wake up to the real World, you know, the one the rest of us live in . . .

Monday, June 21, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Fiona Connolly, The Loony Tunes Woman's Day editor?

Click on the above image to read info about a Woman's Day article of 10th December 2012.

Schapelle Corby gets the finger from The Commonwealth Ombudsman

Here's their letter, in response to this complaint.

Which, sadly enough, was no more than I expected - but then the purpose of this blog is to strip every level of corruption and avoidance in Australia bare. So step on to the stage John, another dancing cadaver to join the rest.

And just like the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission, I will give you (and your organisation), fair opportunity to respond to what's published here, before any publication of Schapelle's continuing fight for justice in hard copy.

I will be lodging a further, formal complaint with your organisation in regard to your rejection. Let's strip a few more layers off for the World to see, shall we? Might as well. That's next episode in this saga.

But in the meantime, let's ponder some parental responsibilities . . .

Now John, I guess if your child, with no previous criminal history, rocked up to Bali Airport with 4.2 kg of marijuana in their bag, and said it wasn't their's, you be tearing the place down to get at truth, wouldn't you? So let's start on that premise.

You'd want to know why the hell she was the first person ever, in the history of Australia, to take a commercial amount of marijuana to Bali, from Australia. It doesn't make any sense. The stuff's worth peanuts over there, compared to here.

I reckon you'd also get retired AFP officer (Head of Internal Investigations), Ray Cooper on the blower, and grill him hard about this.

Then, after that, I reckon you'd go through Patrick Law like a dose of salts, when he said he had "No idea" about the airport CCTV

You'd also scream blue murder about forensic testing, and possibly arrange formal retribution if anyone dared to burn the evidence before it happened - especially if your daughter begged for this investigation, and the Australian Police failed to chase it up with their Indonesian counterparts.

And you'd be red in the face with rage if the Bali police refused to weigh your daughter's luggage, to compare it with the Australian check-in weight - and again, especially if your daughter begged for this investigation, and the Australian Police failed to chase it up.

You'd wonder what the hell was going on, and rightly so.

You'd also expect the Aussie cops to investigate and search your daughter's home for evidence of drug trafficking, as well as look into her phone and banking records, and interview her friends, family and associates - and then fess up straight away when those investigations came up clean. What you wouldn't expect is complete indifference, and complete failure to do those things . . . in fact, I reckon you'd spit chips.

What then? I guess you might confront Macquarie Bank CEO Nicholas Moore about his bank's involvement in drug smuggling on the very day your daughter flew, considering they own Sydney Airport.

But sadly John, Schapelle's not your daughter . . .

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Pauline's Hanson's support of Queensland drug crime & terrorists?

Obviously, in my view, Pauline Hanson supports drug crime in Queensland, and terrorism.

Why else would she so blatantly condemn Schapelle, when she knows full well the Queensland/Federal Police did NOT investigate the producer, or supplier, of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag?

NO search of Schapelle's home, NO investigation of her phone or banking records, NO interviews with family, friends or associates, NO airport cctv (every frame "Vanished"), NO luggage weights, or fingerprints/DNA from the drugs and/or the internal bag, requested from the Indonesians, by the Australian police.

Was it because the Queensland/Federal police knew Schapelle was innocent, and that the former Head of Internal Investigations, Ray Cooper (Federal Police), was right when he publicly accused his colleagues of drug smuggling, and using the luggage of innocent passengers to ferry drugs between domestic airports?

Then, of course, we must remember that the SAME baggage crew that dealt with Schapelle's luggage were later in court, accused of drug smuggling, because obviously, Pauline's "Forgotten."

Further, I guess Pauline wouldn't want to upset the likes of Macquarie Bank (owners of Sydney Airport), and mention that their former director, Robert Chalmers, was smuggling millions of dollars worth of cocaine through the company airport, the same day Schapelle flew, and the same day every frame of airport cctv "Vanished."

And my oh my, isn't it completely uncharacteristic of Pauline to not mention this? I guess the redhead supports terrorists and murderers getting off years and years lighter than Schapelle?

Letter to the Editor - 21st June 2010 (92 words)

Pauline Hanson obviously supports drug dealers and terrorists, in my view. Why else does she slam Schapelle in the latest issue of Woman's Day, but keep completely silent about the total failure of the police to investigate the source of those drugs, as well as the recent 8 year sentence of Amir Abdillah, for helping to murder seven people, injure over fifty, and plot to kill the Indonesian President. Is Pauline protecting the same insiders Ray Cooper, former Head of Internal Investigations for the Federal Police, has the guts to openly accuse?