Sunday, June 6, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Arthur Daley politics . . .

Pictured right, Mr. Paul Hoolihan, Australian Labor Party Member for Keppel (Queensland, Australia), he's the Chairman of this commitee (since 2006), on a yearly income (including "Allowances"), of $190,475, for which he never has to hold the chunder bucket. As Arthur would say, "A nice little earner."

Now, in my opinion, Paul's performance to date has been less than glowing - and the Brisbane Times may agree, as well as Jeff Waters of the ABC, in this scathing piece about secrecy and suppression in Queensland. Personally, it all looks pretty grubby to me.

Further, should I put any formal complaints to Paul (in his position as Chairman of the PCMC), about the CMC's handling of the outstanding Schapelle Corby questions, everything about that complaint is automatically gagged (full document here). In my view, things get grubbier and grubbier in Queensland the deeper you look. Is this really a 21st century Parliament, or just a sad, 2nd hand version of the Nazi Reichstag?

So Paul, how about I ask you some questions solely in your role as the State Parliamentary Member for Keppel? Maybe you can put all your legal experience to good use.

Now, Mr. Martin Moynihan, Chairperson of the CMC, has formally refused to answer these questions about Schapelle, can you do any better? Consider yourself formally served with them as of to-day.

Though I guess, without being in the least bit psychic, I predict Paul will use any device available to him to avoid direct answers, to direct questions. Another dancing cadaver, to join all the rest - including Kevin Rudd.

No worries though Paul, because this national disgrace is well out of your hands, and well beyond the fascist restrictions of this sordid Queensland Parliament. Welcome to the evidence file . . . and welcome to the World.

Addit - Tuesday 8th June 2010

Rang Mr. Hoolihan's office around 11am, but it appears there was no-one available to answer the phone, and I went straight through to voicemail. So I left a message about the above questions, asking for confirmation he's received them. I left my home number, and asked if someone could call me back.

Addit - Thursday 17th June 2010, around 2.30pm

Just rang Mr. Hoolihan's office again, and again I got his voicemail (as I did 9 days ago, on the 8th June). I was ringing to confirm he has the above questions, and when I can expect a response. No-one called me back after my message on the 8th, and I pointed that out, and left my phone number again.