Sunday, June 27, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Birthday Girl's Global Day of Action . . . July 10th

I can't go over to Bali and give Schapelle a hug for her birthday on July 10th, but I can do the next best thing - by calling a global day of action to reveal the truth about the corruption that jailed her.

What does that mean? Well, Schapelle has thousands of supporters, and we can all put the word out over the wires.

So what can each of us do? There are many things, according to the time and resources we have available. I'm doing something quite big, more on that in a moment . . .

But here's a few ideas . . .
  • You can post this link to your own personal Facebook page (and some of the groups you belong to as well), so your friends can check it out.
  • You can post this link to any relevant email lists or forums you belong to, and/or email it on to your friends.
  • You can copy this small poster, print it out, and put it up at work (or anywhere else suitable you can think of).
  • You can write to your local newspaper.
  • If you've got Schapelle's book, give it to a friend to read - or buy some extra copies for birthday and/or Christmas presents. And if you've got friends or rellies overseas, sending a book to them (as a gift), via Amazon, is really easy and convenient.
  • Get a thousand flyers printed, get down to your local railway station at rush hour, or to your local weekend market, and hand them out - and you can network with other local supporters to do this on the Women for Schapelle Facebook page
Personally, I'm going to print up a thousand flyers, create a banner, network with local friends, get down to my local railway station at rush hour, and call up the local press to cover it . . .