Monday, June 21, 2010

Schapelle Corby gets the finger from The Commonwealth Ombudsman

Here's their letter, in response to this complaint.

Which, sadly enough, was no more than I expected - but then the purpose of this blog is to strip every level of corruption and avoidance in Australia bare. So step on to the stage John, another dancing cadaver to join the rest.

And just like the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission, I will give you (and your organisation), fair opportunity to respond to what's published here, before any publication of Schapelle's continuing fight for justice in hard copy.

I will be lodging a further, formal complaint with your organisation in regard to your rejection. Let's strip a few more layers off for the World to see, shall we? Might as well. That's next episode in this saga.

But in the meantime, let's ponder some parental responsibilities . . .

Now John, I guess if your child, with no previous criminal history, rocked up to Bali Airport with 4.2 kg of marijuana in their bag, and said it wasn't their's, you be tearing the place down to get at truth, wouldn't you? So let's start on that premise.

You'd want to know why the hell she was the first person ever, in the history of Australia, to take a commercial amount of marijuana to Bali, from Australia. It doesn't make any sense. The stuff's worth peanuts over there, compared to here.

I reckon you'd also get retired AFP officer (Head of Internal Investigations), Ray Cooper on the blower, and grill him hard about this.

Then, after that, I reckon you'd go through Patrick Law like a dose of salts, when he said he had "No idea" about the airport CCTV

You'd also scream blue murder about forensic testing, and possibly arrange formal retribution if anyone dared to burn the evidence before it happened - especially if your daughter begged for this investigation, and the Australian Police failed to chase it up with their Indonesian counterparts.

And you'd be red in the face with rage if the Bali police refused to weigh your daughter's luggage, to compare it with the Australian check-in weight - and again, especially if your daughter begged for this investigation, and the Australian Police failed to chase it up.

You'd wonder what the hell was going on, and rightly so.

You'd also expect the Aussie cops to investigate and search your daughter's home for evidence of drug trafficking, as well as look into her phone and banking records, and interview her friends, family and associates - and then fess up straight away when those investigations came up clean. What you wouldn't expect is complete indifference, and complete failure to do those things . . . in fact, I reckon you'd spit chips.

What then? I guess you might confront Macquarie Bank CEO Nicholas Moore about his bank's involvement in drug smuggling on the very day your daughter flew, considering they own Sydney Airport.

But sadly John, Schapelle's not your daughter . . .