Saturday, June 19, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Little Blind Annie . . .

What bits of Queensland's Drugs Misuse Act 1986 don't you understand? From where I sit, you seem to have particular difficulty with cultivation and supply. What's the problem? Need new glasses? Or are you just wilfully and corruptly blind?

What planet are you on to send me this letter about Schapelle Corby, which completely ignores your serious responsibilities under that act?

Schapelle is not a witch, she did not materialise the drugs that were found in her bag out of thin air. Someone cultivated them, and someone supplied them. Schapelle was a long term resident of Queensland, and began her journey in Queensland - so do I have to spell out the blindingly obvious to you? It was the responsibility of the Queensland Police to investigate the source of those drugs, and arrest the associated criminals.

Though I guess that's only obvious in the rest of the World, maybe it's a bit different in Queensland, where Premiers work by the light of the moon.

What's the problem Anna, did you think a genuine investigation would have turned up the real culprits?

Is that why you, like Neil Roberts, are ignoring these questions? Is that why your office staff repeatedly put the phone down on me when I ask about them, never allow me to speak a policy officer, never tell me when a policy officer will be available, never return my calls, and then tell me to get lost?

So here are my questions to you Anna - because I have been completely unable to get this written assurance from your Police Minister or Police Commissioner, they are not responding on these points . . . will you please assure the Queensland public, in writing, that a genuine and exhaustive Queensland Police investigation was carried out into the source of the drugs found in Schapelle bag? Will you tell them that the Queensland Police . . .

1. Searched and forensically investigated the Queensland abode where Schapelle packed her bags, and her mother's house (where she slept the night before she flew), for evidence of drug trafficking?

2. Thoroughly investigated Schapelle's phone and banking records (for evidence of drug trafficking)?

3. Interviewed her family, friends and associates (for evidence of drug trafficking)?

4. Explain why these normal aspects of a police investigation did not occur, if that's the case?

I note the letter you sent me was signed by Nick Williams, a Senior Policy Advisor in your office. So next week, I will phone your office, and I expect to speak to him. I will confirm that your received this correspondence, that you understand the very serious questions I'm asking, and get an estimate of how long it will take you to reply.

I do not expect your staff to put the phone down on me (like they did before), and if Nick is "Unavailable," I expect a convenient time to call back - or a return call. Is that clear?

Regards, Kim

PS - This letter, from the Federal Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor, categorically states the issues I'm asking you about (above), are not "Federal Police" matters.

Addit - 11.35 am Sunday 20th June 2010

Addit - 9.56 am Monday 21st June 2010

Addit - 2.30 pm Monday 21st June 2010

Just rang Anna Bligh's office again, and asked to speak to Nick Williams (I left my phone number for him this morning, before 10am, and I was told he would "Call me back"). They said he has been in a "Series of meetings" to-day, but that he does have phone number, and he did get my message. I thanked them for that, and said Nick was welcome to call me as late as he needed to, because I was at home. I also said that if I don't hear from him to-day, I'll call him back tomorrow morning.

Addit - 10.24 am Tuesday 22nd June 2010

Well, it looks like this list of "Addits" is going to get very, very long, and VERY embarrassing on publication . . . I rang Nick Williams again this morning (senior policy advisor in Anna Bligh's office) . He did not return my call yesterday (despite the two phone messages, and open invitation, I left). To-day he was "In a meeting," and they "Didn't know" when he would be available.

I'll call you again tomorrow Nick, if I don't hear from you in the meantime . . .