Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Make My Day . . .

I don't take kindly to threats, they really, really get up my nose. I rang Brook Hastie back this morning, he's the guy at this place. I asked him if he could kindly email me the links, or a pdf document, which specifically outlined the Queensland Law in relation to this gagging order, he refused. He said I had a "Letter" on the way which gave me that specific information, however, because it's from the committe, I could be prosecuted if I publish it. So I said (very sensibly for anyone who's not from Queensland's Ministry of Silly Walks), that in order for the public to follow the law, it has to be public. Therefore could he please, very kindly, and via email, send me some public law that I can publish - because well, it's "Public." Duh. Not sure how I can explain that any more simply. Hopefully I'll get it by the end of to-day.

And something else, I'm extremely peed off by this debacle, and I'm not pleasant when I'm peed off. Brook found that out. I told him to tell who ever he needs to, that if they decide to bully me, I will stick this corruption and murder so far up their rear ends in the public domain, it will be coming out of their ears. I just hope they're not too dumb to understand metaphor . . . but for the terminally stupid, I guess I need to spell it out. That's not a physical threat.