Sunday, June 13, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Nicholas Moore, CEO of Macquarie Bank

Goodmorning Nicholas,

As I'm sure you realise, Schapelle Corby is much more well known than you. However, by the time this debacle has run its course, I've no doubt about your starring role.

Now, your company, Macquarie Bank, owns Sydney Airport, and you are their CEO. That's a big responsibility, and I guess it's where the buck stops? So maybe you can help me out here.

Some people with a darker view of the World than me might find it more than co-incidental that on the same day a director of Macquarie was involved in drug smuggling at his bank's airport, every frame of CCTV vanished.

I've tried asking Tony Negus, AFP Chief about the disappearing film, but he doesn't want to play, and says I should try Home Affairs Minister Brendon O'Connor instead. However, Brendon's so daft, he should have been a comedian, not a politician (or is that the same thing nowadays?)

I also asked the very experienced, senior and well qualified Brisbane-based AFP officer Patrick Law (read his CV, if anyone should know, he should). Guess what? He told me he had "No idea," quickly followed up with "No comment."

Isn't that weird? I mean, it's a perfectly simple question, "Tell me officer, three Australian airports were formal crime scenes relating to the export of $40,000 worth of marijuana, why wasn't all the CCTV expertly preserved at once?" It's hardly rocket science, is it? Yet Tony Negus won't say, Brendon O'Connor's just terminally thick, and Patrick Law keeps his mouth shut. What's going on?

So Nicholas, I'm now at your doorstep asking the same question. What happened to all the Sydney Airport CCTV, on the day your former director Robert Chalmers was involved in smuggling millions of dollars worth of cocaine through the Bank's real estate? It's a pretty urgent question, because there's a young Australian woman locked in a Bali hell hole who's dying to know . . .

I'll phone you next week, to confirm you got this missive, and get an estimate of how long it will take you to reply. It's a serious question, Nicholas. Let's hope you give it the respect and attention it deserves.

Addit - Nicholas Moore, CEO of Macquarie Bank, top of the blogs re their "In-house" cocaine smuggling . . . click on the pic to read in full.

PS . . .

Whoops, maybe it's worth paying well over the odds for airports . . . if you have the right kind of incentives . . . at least, some cynical souls might make that inference, personally, I wouldn't say it.

Addit - Tuesday 15th June 2010

I rang Macquarie Bank around lunch time on 1800 245 555, and spoke "John." He confirmed that the above mentioned email was received, but was unable to say if it had been sent on to Nicholas Moore. He eventually put me through to "Diana," who again confirmed the email had been received, but she couldn't say whether or not it had been passed through to Nicholas Moore. However, she did say that she had spoken to her manager about it, and that someone would call me back. I did ask for the direct contact details of Nicholas Moore's office, but they were unable/unwilling to give me that information.

Addit - Thursday 17th June 2010

I gather Macquarie Bank rang me back a couple of times yesterday (Wednesday 16th June 2010), but I was out. Thank you for calling. Anyway, they rang again to-day around 3.10 pm. I appreciate their concern and efficiency. I spoke to Laura, she confirmed (again), that the bank had received my communication above, and said it was "Passed on to the relevant senior people." I did ask if it was specifically passed on to Nicholas Moore CEO, but Laura was unable (or unwilling), to confirm that. However, Laura was aware that I wish these matters to go directly to Nicholas Moore, and they are addressed to him.

Anyway, Laura told me that Macquarie Bank was not the sole owner of Sydney Airport, but was one amongst several (to paraphrase her). I explained that seemed to contradict this ABC article, and she very kindly made a note of the relevant web address. I said I would happily correct any information, once Macaquarie sent me written information that provided an alternative (or updated), narrative to that piece.

Further still, the most relevant point is the ownership of Sydney Airport as of the 8th October 2004, the day Schapelle flew, and the day their former director Robert Chalmers was involved in smuggling millions of dollars worth of cocaine through the place. That was only 16 months after that article was published.

So yes, updated written info as per the ownership situation to-day, and as per the 8th October 2004, would be very useful - and included here as soon as I get it.

I look forward to further feedback.

Addit - Friday 18th June 2010

Not sure what Laura, from Macquarie, was trying to tell me yesterday (re their ownership, or otherwise of Sydney Airport). Seems Macquarie controls 82.93% of that asset. In my book, that represents a "Controlling interest," and the responsibility to answer these key questions.