Saturday, June 5, 2010

Schapelle Corby, Pardon soon?

Seems someone in the Lowy Institute tweeted this yesterday . . . (click on the pic to enlarge and read)

Here's their very impressive, and interesting, pedigree . . .

And it would be brilliant if it was true. I'd be more than happy to call a complete truce, get off the computer, and get back to the garden.

And maybe Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono can see the common sense and compassion in this too? Beyond doubt, he's an intelligent, experienced and pragmatic leader, who wants to do the best for his country, and his relationship with Australia. Here's what the President said in March this year . . .

"Australia and Indonesia have a great future together. We are not just neighbours, we are not just friends. We are strategic partners. We are equal stake-holders in a common future, with much to gain if we get this relationship right, and much to lose if we get it wrong."

I couldn't agree more. Very wise words, also respectfully underlined in this recent Australian editorial (Gold Coast, Queensland).

Further, as I'm sure the President can see (he's obviously an astute man), there are some questions about Schapelle's conviction, which may have to be formally resolved if she remains a prisoner. However, personally speaking, I think Schapelle and her family have one single priority, which is getting a very much loved daughter and sister home, and getting her well. After all the strain, pain and pressure of the past few years, the last thing anybody wants is to pursue these complex issues, after the only thing that counts - getting Schapelle home - has been achieved.