Sunday, June 20, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Pauline's Hanson's support of Queensland drug crime & terrorists?

Obviously, in my view, Pauline Hanson supports drug crime in Queensland, and terrorism.

Why else would she so blatantly condemn Schapelle, when she knows full well the Queensland/Federal Police did NOT investigate the producer, or supplier, of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag?

NO search of Schapelle's home, NO investigation of her phone or banking records, NO interviews with family, friends or associates, NO airport cctv (every frame "Vanished"), NO luggage weights, or fingerprints/DNA from the drugs and/or the internal bag, requested from the Indonesians, by the Australian police.

Was it because the Queensland/Federal police knew Schapelle was innocent, and that the former Head of Internal Investigations, Ray Cooper (Federal Police), was right when he publicly accused his colleagues of drug smuggling, and using the luggage of innocent passengers to ferry drugs between domestic airports?

Then, of course, we must remember that the SAME baggage crew that dealt with Schapelle's luggage were later in court, accused of drug smuggling, because obviously, Pauline's "Forgotten."

Further, I guess Pauline wouldn't want to upset the likes of Macquarie Bank (owners of Sydney Airport), and mention that their former director, Robert Chalmers, was smuggling millions of dollars worth of cocaine through the company airport, the same day Schapelle flew, and the same day every frame of airport cctv "Vanished."

And my oh my, isn't it completely uncharacteristic of Pauline to not mention this? I guess the redhead supports terrorists and murderers getting off years and years lighter than Schapelle?

Letter to the Editor - 21st June 2010 (92 words)

Pauline Hanson obviously supports drug dealers and terrorists, in my view. Why else does she slam Schapelle in the latest issue of Woman's Day, but keep completely silent about the total failure of the police to investigate the source of those drugs, as well as the recent 8 year sentence of Amir Abdillah, for helping to murder seven people, injure over fifty, and plot to kill the Indonesian President. Is Pauline protecting the same insiders Ray Cooper, former Head of Internal Investigations for the Federal Police, has the guts to openly accuse?