Monday, June 14, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Police interviews with family & friends, investigation of phone & banking records, and search of premises

A close friend of Schapelle's family has made startling allegations, re the complete lack of any Australian police interviews with her family and friends, re the cultivation and supply of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag. These are both Australian crimes. Schapelle is not "Samantha," she did not materialise the weed out of thin air.

This also mirrors the allegations that were made on pages 22 and 23 of Tony Wilson's book, re a complete lack of a police search of Schapelle's premises .

Further still, it appears there was no police investigation into Schapelle's banking and phone records.

Were these gross omissions, and complete lack of police curiosity re the Australian source of these drugs, related to Ray Cooper's allegations?

As the Queensland CMC is currently refusing to investigate these serious matters, and ignoring all correspondence, it's up to us - the people - to put in the hard yards.

This FOI application has been refused, because I'm not "Family," and/or formally authorised to act on Schapelle's behalf, and I've not had time to investigate the probity of that decision (as yet). However, I rang the FOI Department at Roma Street Police HQ today, I said I wanted some very specific information and documentation on . . .
  • The police search of Schapelle's Queensland premises (for evidence of drug trafficking)
  • The police investigation of her phone & banking records (for evidence of drug trafficking).
  • Transcripts of all interviews with her family, friends and associates (aimed at investigating the source of the drugs found in her bag)
I wanted to speak to someone who could tell me who would be "Authorised" to apply for those records, if I'm not. No-one was available to speak to me. I was told someone would call me back tomorrow. I await their call, and if they don't call me, I'll call them again.

Addit - Wednesday 16th June 2010

Well (as far as I know), Robyn Shillington from the Queensland Police FOI Department didn't call me back to-day, so I tried to call her around 3.25pm. I was told she'd "Left for the day." Anyway, I left a another message for her, re the generic policy info I'm seeking above - with a reminder that she hadn't returned my call to-day (as promised). I said I'd call back again tomorrow morning. I was told that message would be passed on.

Addit - Thursday 17th June 2010

Robyn rang me back this morning, before 10am. Thank you. She was also very polite helpful. Seems I mis-read the letter she sent me, and I can apply for the information I require, under certain conditions. I'll do that. Thanks.