Friday, June 4, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's history of running away from the truth . . .

Kevin, has this now 35 year old indigenous woman from Queensland, mentioned by Alan Jones on his Breakfast Show in June last year, ever received justice? Have the outstanding questions, about the deliberate destruction of evidence, ever been answered? Or is she just too poor and inconsequential to matter? Alan seems to think there's still a case to answer.

Alan has other concerns too, like the deliberate destruction of evidence in Schapelle's case as well . . .

A THEME that has emerged over 25 years is of a paradoxical conservative. "People are good at labels so those who dislike me call me some kind of right-wing reactionary and dismiss me as such," he said.

"That suits the right-wing profile, but I have also led the charge against capital punishment, which I'm totally opposed to, and I'm vehemently opposed to the notion of Indonesian justice and the way Schapelle Corby has been treated. Everyone says she was selling drugs, but all the evidence in relation to Schapelle was destroyed. And I was all in favour of David Hicks being bought back to Australia."

Can we trust a Prime Minister who appears to be running away from the truth, a Prime Minister who even refuses to acknowledge questions, let alone answer them?

All these questions about Schapelle were put to you 5 months ago now, I've heard nothing, not even a letter to say thanks for sending them. Since that time I've contacted my own local Federal member many times (by email and phone), asking for follow-up. Nothing. Complete silence. I've even contacted Senator Claire Moore about it (11th February 2010, via email), who confirmed that she would follow this up for me. She did, but still, I've heard nothing.

Is that how you deal with uncomfortable questions Kevin, by running away from them? Alan Jones seems to think so.

Addit, Monday 7th June 2010

Wow, had a pretty amazing experience this morning. Rang Julia Gillard's office just after 11am, and asked to speak to someone in her office about these questions to Kevin Rudd. I was very polite and businesslike, but before I could finish speaking, I was put through to a staffer, who quite literally, put the phone down on me mid-sentence, when I mentioned them. I was gobsmacked, so I rang back straight away, and I then spoke to the receptionist there, and explained what had happened. She was extremely polite, helpful and professional (thank you, very much appreciated), and took down all the details, and said she would pass them on. I gave her my full name and address, and further explained that these questions to Kevin Rudd had been put to him over 5 months ago, but I'd had absolutely NO response (not even an acknowledgement), despite following up with both my own local federal member (more than once), and Senator Claire Moore. Anyway, I expressed my appreciation for the help and time of the receptionist, and said I'd call back before close of business to-day, to get some feedback re how this further reminder would be actioned.

Addit, Tuesday 8th June 2010

Well, I rang Julia Gillard's office again to-day, to follow up on the above, e.g. Kevin Rudd's complete failure to even acknowledge my correspondence (for over 5 months), in relation to critical questions about the Schapelle Corby case (which asks, amongst many other things, why EVERY frame of CCTV, from THREE Australian simultaneously "Vanished," when Schapelle begged for footage). Here they are in full . . .

I patiently and politely explained that I'd tried every other legitimate avenue to get some kind of reply, e.g. via my own local Federal member, via Kevin Rudd's office, and via ALP Senator Claire Moore's office - with absolutely no result. Therefore, as Julia Gillard is the Deputy PM, could she please formally follow-up on these important points for me, and find out what is happening to my response. I was told, point blank by the gentleman who answered the phone (direct quote), "That's not within my duties to help you," followed by "I'm going to be terminating this call now."

Wow, I rang Julia's office again after posting the above, just to make sure they had received my remarks (and recollection), posted above, which was also added to my blog post, and emailed to them. It was a courtesy call (I was very polite and businesslike), to give them a fair opportunity to correct anything they thought was unfair. However, I didn't get the opportunity to say that. The woman who answered the phone literally cut me off mid-sentence, said "This is the wrong office to call," and put the phone down on me.

Addit - just sent this email to Brett Raguse (Tuesday 8th June 2010)

Good afternoon Brett,

You are my local Federal member. Here are my direct questions to Kevin Rudd in relation to the Schapelle Corby issues . . .

They were first put to him over 5 months ago now, but he has not even (to date), acknowledged them. Could you please formally follow this up for me? I have asked you to do this before, via phone and email, but with zero success to date.

I rang your office around midday to-day, and spoke to Jason, and said I would be sending this reminder, and asked him to look out for it. He said he would. I'll call you again before close of business to-day, to ensure you've received this correspondence, and ensure that it is being actioned.

Regards, Kim

Addit - just sent this email to Kevin Rudd's office (Tuesday 8th June 2010)

To Robert (MSU, Kevin Rudd's Office, Canberra), From Mrs. Kim Bax - cc Brett Raguse, Federal member for Forde

Thank you for speaking to me just a moment ago Robert, very much appreciated. And thank you for locating the questions to Kevin Rudd below, you found a record of them being sent to
him on the 18th February 2010. That would not have been a "First," but I appreciate that you have (at least), found them. As I said to you on the phone, I have had zero formal response to those concerns (from Kevin). That's not really acceptable, given the gravity of these issues. Could you please follow this up for me, and ensure that I get an appropriate formal response. I'll phone you again before close of business to-day, to get an update on progress.

Regards, Kim

PS - below is my correspondence to-day with Brett Raguse

Reply . . . Tuesday 8th June 2010

To Kim Bax

Your correspondence regarding Schapelle Corby has been referred to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Stephen Smith MP for attention, given that he has the portfolio responsibility for this matter.

Robert Booth
Ministerial Support Unit
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
1 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600
P: (02) 6271 5974