Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd scarpers

Over 5 months ago, I sent Prime Minister Kevin Rudd these crucial questions about Schapelle.

He ignored them completely, despite my many attempts to prise a response out of him, as shown here. Well to-day, I must have woken the dead, because I finally got some feedback. Seems Kevin completely washed his hands of all my questions on March 28th 2010 (over 10 weeks ago), and passed all of them on to Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith. Trouble was, Kevin neglected to tell me that until to-day (and only after I spent considerable time chasing it up, other wise I'd still be in the dark). I think that's called "Contempt" and "Disinterest."

I was also given a reference number for that correspondence, C1019689.

So, I rang Stephen Smith's office, and gave his secretary all the pertinent details. She knew nothing about it. Said a reply may "Not be possible," because Stephen "Gets a lot" of correspondence about Schapelle. So I'd like to remind Stephen that this is not just "Correspondence," it's a comprehensive series of very pertinent questions, that go right to the heart of the issues. It's also a building file of evidence.

So I'll be calling Stephen again very soon, when hopefully his secretary will have "Located" the questions, and tells me when I can expect answers. Shouldn't be too long now, he's already had them over 10 weeks (according to Kevin Rudd).

And personally Stephen, I think you need to get your act together very, very quickly. The shame file is getting bigger by the day . . .
  • Anna Bligh, Premier of Queensland, told me to sod off.
  • As did Queensland Police Commissioner Robert Atkinson, and Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts. Bob and Neil reckon the cultivation and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana, very possibly in Queensland, to a long-term Queensland resident, is not their problem (they both told me to go to the AFP, after I put this crime report into the Queensland Police). However, both are now failing (despite my repeated requests), to confirm that in writing. Personally, I reckon cultivation and supply of marijuana (in Queensland, until shown otherwise), is "Their" problem. Though I will keep nagging Neil Roberts on that point, until he puts pen to paper.
  • The Queensland PCMC want to gag me.
  • I've asked Queensland State MP Paul Hoolihan some very pointed questions, which I'll continue to chase up, until he answers them, or formally tells me to go away.
  • Melissa Parke MP, Chair of this Committee, told me there's nothing she could do, and thought Schapelle should serve her sentence in this country - but when I asked her why Schapelle should serve any sentence in this country (given that normally requires evidence of a crime), her staff told me to sod off too. Though I'm ringing back in 4 weeks (28th June 2010), in case they change their minds, and/or tell me to sod off again.
I think that just about covers it . . . .

Addit - Tuesday 15th June 2010

Just rang Stephen Smith's office (around 1.30pm). I spoke to a secretary there, who gave me a point blank refusal to respond to any of the above detailed questions, or to even put that "Refusal" in writing. She said Stephen Smith could only respond to "The Family," due to confidentiality issues.

I told her that just last week, Kevin Rudd's office had formally advised me that all these questions were Stephen Smith's responsibility, and they had said nothing about Stephen's "Inability" to reply.

Anyway, I rang Stephen Smith back again a bit later (around 2.30pm), and spoke to a "Michael," he said he was an "Advisor." I told him about the advice I'd received from Kevin Rudd's office just last week (re the fact they forwarded all my questions to Stephen Smith), and also quoted the correspondence reference number they'd given me. I also told Michael that a secretary I'd just spoken to Stephen's office had said I would not get a reply - period.

Michael was a bit surprised by this (thankfully), and promised to look into it for me. I suggested that if Stephen Smith thought any of my questions were "Too personal" to answer, he should just mark that particular question with that response. However, any other questions should receive an honest and appropriate answer. I got the impression Michael thought that was fair. I said that if I haven't heard anything further in 2 weeks, I'd call back.

I'll also pass this further news on to Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor, as from what I gather, he has joint responsibility (with Stephen smith), for answering them.