Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Red Queen . . .

I call up Anna Bligh's office, and enter the realm of the Red Queen. It's surreal.

Her Majesty condemns Schapelle to imprisonment in Queensland, yet when asked a perfectly normal question, like "On what evidence?" the monarch flies into a morbid sulk, and refuses to play. It's bizarre.

What doesn't this woman understand about the Rule of Law?

I phoned her again to-day. It was an experience and a half, a tale to tell the grandchildren in years to come.

In Little Blind Annie, I asked the gilded one for proof Schapelle was connected to the drugs found in her bag, given that cultivation and supply are illegal - and of course (without a shred of doubt), the Queensland Police would have investigated that aspect, wouldn't they?

Well, guess what?
  • No-one in Anna Bligh's office will return my calls.
  • No policy officer in Anna Bligh's office will take my calls.
  • Whenever I call Anna Bligh's office, no matter on what day, or at what time, there is never a policy officer "Available" to take my call.
  • When I ask when it would be convenient to call back, in order to speak to a policy officer, no-one will ever give a time.
To-day, for instance, I spoke with two receptionists (a junior one, and her supervisor). All the policy officers, including Nick Williams, were busy hiding behind their skirts, and we lapsed into a bizarre dialogue. I'd ask a question, and they'd have to go away and "Check." I just wasn't allowed to converse with the person they were "Checking" with.

First I got told to go away, and speak with Stephen Smith, until I asked if Stephen Smith was responsible for the administration of this Queensland Act. That made them think again. I was then told to speak to The Attorney General. Actually, I got the impression the message was "For God's sake go away, and speak to anyone but Anna."

After I put the phone down though, I had second thoughts. Bugger it, here's me, running round in circles to get a single sensible answer, while these fat cats sit on their backsides doing nothing. Anna can call up the Attorney General, and ask him my questions, if she really needs to - because the Police Minister's a dead loss, he's as deranged as his boss.

So I called back again.

This time, seems they'd mulled things over. I was told I'd "Get a letter" in about "Five weeks." At least, one of the receptionists told me that.

I then tried to relay some further simple info, without someone putting the phone down, or talking over me. It was a fight, but I managed it. I'm not a pushover.

In a nutshell, in pondering what to put in this "Letter," Anna should know that an FOI application for the info in question is also going in, via a person who is already authorised to seek it.

And it will be very, very interesting to get an FOI refusal (if that's what results), for paperwork that goes to the very heart of the allegations against Schapelle. Because Anna sweetheart, you cannot jail Schapelle without a shred of proof she was ever connected to the drugs found in her bag, whilst also refusing to provide evidence of the police investigation that should have exposed that proof (if it existed).

So far we have . . .

NO search of relevant Queensland premises.

NO investigation of phone or banking records.

NO interviews with family, friends or associates.

NO previous criminal record.

NO motive (given the marijuana was worth peanuts in Bali, compared to Australia).

NO luggage weight at Bali, or any evidence the Queensland Police ever requested it (to pin point potential criminals in Australia).

NO fingerprints or DNA from the drugs, or any evidence the Queensland Police ever requested that (to pin point potential criminals in Australia).

NO video footage from any airport.

So Anna, can I suggest something? Either put up, or shut up . . . and while you're at it, is there any chance you might wake up to the real World, you know, the one the rest of us live in . . .