Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Should have pleaded guilty to murder & mayhem . . .

. . . she would have got only 8 years, and not 20 . . .

AN INDONESIAN terrorist has been jailed for his role in last year’s deadly bombings on luxury hotels in Jakarta that killed three Australians.

An Indonesian court has sentenced the Islamist militant to eight years in prison for his involvement in last year's deadly bombings on two luxury hotels in Jakarta and a plot to assassinate the country's president.

Amir Abdillah, 35, was yesterday found guilty of conspiracy over the July 17 Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott bombings that killed seven people, including three Australians, and injured more than 50.

Watch Schapelle's story HERE

Addit - "Letter to the editor," sent to 100's of local newspapers, all over the country (57 words)

"Schapelle should have been a terrorist, and helped kill seven people, injure more than 50, and plot to kill the Indonesian President. She'd only have got 8 years, not 20, like Amir Abdillah who was sentenced this week. And for more background on this travesty of justice, google Schapelle Corby faq and click on the first link."