Friday, June 18, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Three Jokers . . .

Tony Negus, Chief of the Australian Federal Police.

Nicholas Moore, CEO of Macquarie Bank, owners of Sydney Airport.

Brendan O'Connor, Home Affairs Minister, responsible for the Federal Police.

Well, well, well - what have we here? The Three Jokers? They must be. You see, one day nearly six years ago, a young Australian woman was found "Guilty" of smuggling 4.2kg of marijuana from Australia, to Bali, through Brisbane Domestic Airport, Sydney Domestic Airport and Sydney International Airport.

But The Three Jokers live in a bizarre, parrallel universe, where exporting drugs through Australian terminals isn't a crime, and because it isn't crime, you don't have to preserve a "Crime scene" - and even better, it's quite fine and dandy to trash every frame of airport CCTV.

Who cares this was the first time ever an Australian stood accused of smuggling weed from this country, to Bali. Who in hell worries about that, when (some suggest), you inhabit a strange, other world? A weird planet, where (it's said), police smuggle drugs, and Macquarie Bank directors add to their already bloated incomes by shifting millions of dollars worth of cocaine.

So please, Tony, Nicholas and Brendan, if you could join us in this reality for just a few moments, can any of you space cadets please explain why crime scene evidence, relating to an Australian crime, was not expertly preserved at once? Or was that too inconvenient, when it might have turned up your mates and buddies?

So please reply to this key question Tony, Nicholas and Brendan, because as well as me, there's another woman who's dying to know . . . I'll call you next week, to make sure received it, and find out how long I can expect to wait for an answer . . .

Addit - 10.15 am, Saturday 19th June 2010