Friday, June 25, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Woman's Day censorship

Why an earth Woman's Day chose to hi-lite the opinions of a woman who gave new meaning to the term bottom-feeder with these comments, is beyond me. I mean seriously, what is a major Australian publication, in our increasingly multi-cultural society, doing when it gives a platform to someone who openly boasts about her intention to break the law, and incites the same mindset that ultimately led to this horror. What next Pauline, stitching on kindergarten kids? Maybe you could tattoo their wrists at the same time?

Max Markson is Pauline's publicist, did he, like Stephen Fry's character in "Absolute Power," just think of the money?

And did Fiona Connolly, editor of Woman's Day, get shafted by the business interests of her boss?

So what's the problem now, Fiona, Max and Pauline? Why have you deleted all reader comments from the red head's recent outing? And disabled further ones? Did you get unexpected blowback? Was the obvious dislike and disgust at her venom too hot to handle?

Luckily, some were saved before that outrageous act of censorship. It obviously wasn't what you were expecting - and from the angry emails I've received, I know about hundreds more reader comments (supportive of Schapelle, and slamming Pauline), that never made it at all.

So is that why you're running away Fiona? Is that why you won't reply to my emails on the subject, or return my phone calls?

No worries though, I'll give Max a call next week - and ask him to put the questions to you, because I've tried, without result. I think the Australian people have the right to know what's going when a major publication engages in such a blatant act of censorship.

And if Max doesn't fess up either, I guess that avoidance will just become part of this public record for a very long time . . .