Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Women's Protest . . .

Hullo again Nicholas,

I rang your bank to-day, to make sure you got this message. Didn't get very far though. They confirmed they'd got it, but were loathe to say whether or not you had actually received it.

Seems a "Manager" will "Call me back." I must admit, the guy who took my call was a bit bemused, I don't think he'd ever had customer complaint like mine. "Well, it's like this," I said, "A director of your bank smuggled cocaine through Sydney Airport, which you own, on the day Schapelle Corby flew, and every frame of CCTV vanished from the place, so I'd like to ask your CEO Nicholas Moore a few questions about it, if he has a moment please."

I don't think that one's in the training manual, maybe you should include it in the the next print run?

I did try asking if you had an "Office," or even a "Secretary," but it seems your staff aren't privy to those secrets, or if they were, they weren't saying.

So Nicholas, it's like this. There are an awful lot of women who are very, very pissed off about what's happened to Schapelle - and it's never a good idea to piss off a woman.

So it's a distinct possibility rather a lot of us will come down and see you personally, and soon. Don't worry though. We're all very polite, friendly, peaceful, respectable looking and well dressed - but assertive. I believe that's new new buzz word for "NO BS."

We're also quite colourful and creative, with banners, T-shirts, flyers, DVD's and song. I'm guessing the passing public, and your staff, will be very curious to get to the bottom of things. Let's face it, it's not every day a bank director smuggles drugs through the company airport, with all the CCTV cameras in the place "Looking the other way." That's a story just begging to be told . . . as loudly, and as often as possible.

So, why don't you get on to the blower to your mates at The Lowy Institute, and make some welcome arrangements? We're already making ours . . .