Friday, June 11, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Wrath of Themis


I wish to lodge a formal complaint of corrupt decision-making, re Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts, to the CMC. I believe he is knowingly failing to respond to a serious crime complaint, that Queensland Police Chief Robert Atkinson is also failing to respond to. I also believe he is corruptly and knowingly shifting responsibility for these serious crimes to the AFP, when he knows full well they are a Queensland Police responsibility.

I am also formally faxing all this information to you. I'll email and fax reminders to you every two weeks, re this formal complaint, if I don't get a response or acknowledgment from your organisation.

These formal reminders will continue for as long as necessary, and become part of this public record. They will also be lodged (as will all this documentation), as and when appropriate, with the United Nations, in relation to gross breaches of Schapelle's human rights under The International Convention on Civil and Political Rights. Numerous breaches of this convention (in relation to Schapelle's conviction), are already documented at this link:

I suggest you peruse it.

The information logged here will also be freely available to any future screenwriters, as described at this link:

I note that on Friday 11th June 2010, the CMC formally refused to take this complaint from me over the phone, hence my decision to lodge it with you now via email, blog post and fax. I spoke to your complaints officer "Dylan." He bluntly refused to take this complaint, and further, he refused to refer me to the appropriate legislation, re this snub. I will be requesting the CMC recording of this conversation, via FOI - and as per my further conversation of that day with your Right to Information officer.

Now to the crimes that Neil Roberts (and Robert Atkinson), are knowingly and corruptly ignoring.

Around the 16th March 2010, I formally reported the cultivation and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana (the marijuana that was found in Schapelle's bag at Bali Airport, in October 2004), to Detective Superintendent John Pointing of the State Drug and Property Crime Group.

Here is the Queensland crime of "Supply" (Drugs Misuse Act 1986):

And here is the Queensland crime of "Cultivation" (Drugs Misuse Act 1986):

Here are the details of my criminal complaint (relating to that Act), plus a diary record of John Pointing's failure to respond:

It is obvious to any sane and reasonable person (including any future United Nations judges reading this), that the drugs that were found in Schapelle's bag had to be A. Cultivated & produced, and B. Supplied. As Schapelle was known to be a long term resident of Queensland, and her journey to Bali commenced in Queensland, then the very obvious first point of investigation for these two crimes was, of course, Queensland.

Is there anything you don't understand about those very simple points so far?

To continue.

On the 8th May 2005, Ray Cooper, retired Head of Operations, of Internal Investigations, for the Federal Police, publicly alleged that some AFP officers were smuggling drugs between domestic airports, and using the luggage of innocent passengers to do this. His allegations are fully documented at this link:

He made these allegations just 19 days before Schapelle's very high profile conviction in Indonesia, and he would have been fully aware of the public connection he was making. Due to Ray Cooper's integral position and rank, I believe (like most other reasonable people), that his remarks cannot be dismissed and/or taken lightly.

I therefore believe that, in the light of these extremely serious remarks from Ray Cooper, the source of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag is a crucial issue. Where did they come from? Was this Schapelle's crime, or was she a victim of the corruption described by Ray Cooper? Were these drugs an internal shipment, by corrupt insiders, that accidentally failed to reach their planned destination?

It is not, and never was, up to Schapelle to "Prove" where those drugs came from. It was up to the prosecution to "Prove" she had a connection to them. They never did.

So to continue, if the Queensland Police did not carry out a legitimate investigation into the source of these drugs, was it because they were covering up the corrupt AFP activity described by Ray Cooper?

The facts (NOT "Speculation"), point to a cover up:

1. Tony Wilson alleges on pages 22 and 23 of his book, "Schapelle: The Facts, The Evidence, The Truth," that the police did not search or investigate premises relevant to Schapelle, for evidence of drug trafficking. Here is where you can find his book:

It has sold many copies, and the Queensland Police have never challenged his statements.

Can the CMC please investigate and determine whether or not Tony Wilson's widely publicised statements are true, and if they are true, can the CMC please investigate why the Queensland Police never carried out these crucial investigations/searches.

2. No evidence in relation to Schapelle's banking and phone records was presented at her trial. This is not "Speculation," it is fact. It is beyond dispute by any reasonable person that the Queensland Police should have investigated these records, to determine her connections to the drug trade (if any), and to also catch the further culprits in Queensland, e.g. the grower/s and the supplier/s. Is there anything you don't understand about that?

Can the CMC please investigate and determine whether or not the Queensland Police ever investigated Schapelle's banking and phone records. If they did, what was the outcome of this investigation, and why was this evidence never presented at her trial? If they did not carry out this investigation, what is the explanation?

3. Schapelle's luggage was never weighed at Bali airport, to compare it to the check-in weight at Brisbane Domestic Airport. This is not "Speculation," it is fact. Obviously, to any sane and reasonable person, comparing these two weights was vital evidence. Were the drugs placed in Schapelle's bag before check-in at Brisbane Airport, or by corrupt insiders (as Ray Cooper's allegations would suggest), after check-in?

Can the CMC please investigate, and determine, whether or not the Queensland Police ever liaised with the Indonesian police on this crucial point. It was the vital fulcrum, and the absolute key to corruption (or otherwise), in Australia. If this liaison did not occur, can the CMC please determine why.

4. The drugs (and their plastic coverings), found in Schapell's luggage, were never tested for human DNA or fingerprints. This is not "Speculation," it is fact. Schapelle begged for this testing to go ahead, as documented here:

Can the CMC please investigate, and determine whether or not the Queensland Police ever liaised with the Indonesian police on this crucial point. This vital forensic evidence was absolutely crucial to catching the grower and the supplier of these drugs in Australia, most probably in Queensland. If this liaison did not occur, can the CMC please determine why.

5. Now, Brendan O'Connor, Federal Minister for Home Affairs, has formally denied, as of the 2nd June 2010, that the Federal Police were responsible for investigating the Australian source, re cultivation and supply of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag. Here is his letter. Please note the second paragraph:

This directly contradicts Queensland Police Minister Neil Robert's assertion here re Commonwealth legislation and responsibility (2nd paragraph):

Further, I have formally asked Neil Robert's to clarify his/this letter to me, as it does not directly refer to the cultivation and supply of marijuana, which are the two very specific crimes I am reporting. Here is my requested clarification (around 18th May 2010):

Neil has completely failed to respond that requested clarification.

Here is a summary of Federal/Commonwealth responsibility in relation to drug crime. They are responsible for detecting the import and export of illegal drugs (via international borders), there is zero mention of the production and supply of illegal drugs within Australia:

Can the CMC please investigate, and determine, who has formal responsibility for investigating the Australian (most likely Queensland), grower and supplier of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag.

Can the CMC please investigate, and determine, why Neil Roberts firstly, appears to be providing misleading information on this crucial point, and secondly, why he has (so far), refused to clarify this apparent mis-information (as per my request).

Regards, Kim

PS - in reply, could you please copy and reproduce the five core points above, and respond directly to each one in detail.

Addit, Tuesday 15th June 2010

I rang the CMC this morning (around 11.30am), to confirm they had received the above formal complaint. The woman on the switchboard refused to put me through to anyone, and refused to confirm receipt of the above. If I have had no formal response to this formal complaint by the 26th June 2010 (2 weeks after it was sent), I will circulate another reminder.

Addit - 11.35 am Sunday 20th June 2010

Addit - 2.11 pm Monday 21st June 2010