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Schapelle Corby, "Lonely Planet," QANTAS & 100's more Facebook sites about travel

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A recent post to a well know travel site. There are hundreds more.

Let's hope Schapelle is back home in Australia very soon, as the above will appear in quite a few relevant spots (every day), from now on until she is.

Here are the blog posts mentioned in that clip . . .


Women for Schapelle Corby Media Release 29th July 2010

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Schapelle Corby, The 7pm Project & Blasting Out the Truth

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Schapelle was in the news on Thursday 29th July 2010, specifically (amongst others), on Channel 10's 7pm Project (24,718 Facebook members), in this segment. I posted the above scorching remarks on their page late Thursday evening (and in their comments thread too), and I hope they remain in place. If they're deleted, they'll be re-posted as often as necessary.

And here are links in that screen grab - the news about the ABC 7.30 Report and Kerry O'Brien (vis a vis Schapelle), here, and the news about QANTAS here and here.

Addit - 11.47pm, Friday 30th July 2010 . . .

Also just added these graphic comments to the Facebook page of Channel 10's 7pm Project (re 100,000 flyers to be distributed over the next three weeks, at key points, re Julia Gillard's silence about the "Missing" airport CCTV).

That Channel 10 Facebook post contains a link to this blog post (which displays the flyer), to this article about the bizarre death of Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, and to this article about internal corruption in the Australian Federal Police.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The 3AW 693 News Report, Thurs 29th July 2010

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My comments to this story. I hope they're published . . .

I'm a psychiatric nurse (RN), qualified since 1978. It's a miracle Schapelle is still alive, and every second longer she spends in that Bali hell hole is a dance with death - and those in this country, who trashed every frame of CCTV the day she flew, the same day corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers smuggled millions of dollars worth of cocaine through Sydney airport, in cahoots with a Director of Macquarie Bank (Macquarie Bank own Sydney Airport), need to remember that, as does the likes of Alan Conwell, the QANTAS "Security" Manager, sacked for his connections to drug king pin Michael Hurley.

Schapelle Corby & The Sacked (crooked?) QANTAS Security Manager

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When you're in court explaining to a jury why QANTAS trashed every frame of airport CCTV (from three Australian terminals), when Schapelle flew with your airline - which was the same day your corrupt baggage handlers smuggled millions of dollars worth of cocaine through Sydney Airport, in cahoots with a Director of Macquarie Bank (who own the place), maybe you could also explain your negligence in employing Alan Conwell, as well as produce all official documentation re your investigations of him.

Further, maybe the jury would also like to hear from Steve and Dee . . .

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Schapelle Corby - QANTAS, Cannabis is moved through your airports, by corrupt staff

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Just another few lines (in addition to the last missive). To quickly set the scene again, you're fully aware that millions of dollars worth of cocaine was smuggled through Sydney Airport, by corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers (on the day Schapelle flew), and from within the same terminal, and time (pertinent to her journey).

They were working in syndication with a Director of Macquarie Bank, and Macquarie Bank own Sydney Airport. This was also the day QANTAS negligently failed to secure (or save), a single frame of CCTV (from three terminals), despite Schapelle's pleas for this evidence.

When QANTAS is in court, answering for this glaring omission, you might like to turn to page 111 of The Wheeler Report, which clearly says cannabis is smuggled through our airports, with the aid of staff corrupted by criminal gangs - such as, for instance, the one that employed "Tom" to smuggle drugs through Sydney, on Schapelle's flight day. He's a dark character with a long criminal history, and a history of trafficking marijuana, as well as cocaine.

And have you heard of "Occams Razor" Alan? Because QANTAS will be hearing about it in court. It says the simplest explanation is usually the right one. So tell me Al, what's more likely, a long-term criminal scroat, through some accident of fate, fails to pick up his expected domestic shipment of marijuana - or a young woman with no criminal history, is the first person ever (or since), to smuggle a commercial amount of marijuana to Bali, from Australia, at a massive financial loss? The former makes perfect sense, while the latter is completely bizarre, as The Melbourne Age also (quite clearly), pointed out on the 5th March 2005.

And here's another tip for you Alan, it's pretty damn useless having over 900 CCTV cameras, and spending millions on them, if you trash the footage when it's desperately needed.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Queensland Police Minister ADMITS his police force never investigated who grew and supplied the drugs found in Schapelle's bag

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Dear Neil,

cc Brendan O'Connor (Minister for Home Affairs), Tony Negus (AFP Chief), Robert McLelland (Attorney General) & Martin Moynihan (CMC Chief).

Thank you for this definitive reply, to this extensive inquiry, which finally admits (for the benefit of the entire World), that the Queensland Police did not:
  • Search Schapelle's Queensland home premises for any evidence of trafficking.
  • Investigate her Queensland phone and banking records.
  • Interview any of her Queensland family, friends and associates.
. . . because these vital investigations (re the cultivation and supply of drugs in Queensland), fell under "Commonwealth legislation."

So Neil, you could you (now), please explain why, on the 30th January 2006, the Australian Federal Police told the ABC's 7.30 Report that the Queensland cultivation and supply of the drugs inside Schapelle's bag (found in Bali, after departing from Brisbane, Queensland), was a "Queensland Police" matter, and the Queensland Police did not contradict their assertion?

I look forward to your further reply on that Neil, I think it's a legitimate question.

And for the record, that particular ABC 7.30 Report also told also lies about Schapelle, which our national broadcaster is currently refusing to apologise for, or correct.

Further, Brendan O'Connor, Tony Negus and Robert McLelland, could you all please arrange a time to confer, and then get back to me, and explain why the Australian Federal Police did not:
  • Search Schapelle's Queensland home premises for any evidence of trafficking.
  • Investigate her Queensland phone and banking records.
  • Interview any of her Queensland family, friends and associates.
. . . and/or formally assert in writing that Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts is indeed wrong (as the 7.30 Report of the 30th January 2006 would suggest), and that these legitimate police investigations were, indeed, a matter for the Queensland Police.

So, in a nutshell, I'm asking the boys to get their act together on these vital issues, and I look forward to a professional and timely performance.

Also, Martin Moynihan, could you please take the time to tell Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts that you are refusing to investigate these matters, therefore he really doesn't have to worry about "Interfering" in a CMC investigation, because (shamefully), there isn't one.

Regards, Kim

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Schapelle Corby - QANTAS, please answer the questions

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Alan Joyce, CEO of QANTAS, looks pretty cosy with Anna Bligh there, doesn't he? Seems they have a pretty warm relationship. I wonder if Alan knows this "Respectable" woman in a business suit is refusing to explain why her police force failed to investigate who cultivated and supplied the $40,000 worth of marijuana, that was found in the luggage of a QANTAS passenger from Queensland? Strange that.

Anyway, this morning I rang "Customer Care" at QANTAS, and asked for some "Care" for one of their customers, Schapelle. Around 9.30am on Monday 26th July 2010, I spoke to a gentleman named Con, and asked him if he could find out what happened (eventually, in a legal sense), to the corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers, who were smuggling cocaine on the same day Schapelle flew. I also told him it was a very important question, as they were working in syndication with a director of Macquarie Bank, and Macquarie Bank own Sydney Airport.

I asked Con another question too, I asked him if he could find out what happened to every frame of airport CCTV (from three Australian airports, on the same day), relating to Schapelle and her luggage, as bizarrely, every single frame "Vanished." I didn't think it was very "Caring" of QANTAS to be so negligent with one of their valued customers (re such vital evidence), considering the uncertainty and documented QANTAS corruption. Hardly the right way to treat your passengers, is it?

Con didn't seem very comfortable with my questions, which wasn't surprising, given that QANTAS was extremely uncomfortable with Schapelle's book too, despite the fact it's now sold over 100,000 copies. However, he took my phone number, and said someone would call me back tomorrow. I look forward to hearing from him, as do many others . . .

So Alan sweetheart, can I also take this opportunity to have a quiet word in your ear? If QANTAS didn't like Schapelle's last book, it sure as hell will spit chips at the next one. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if your share price didn't take a nose dive, right in line with your passenger numbers. Because this is a story that will be told.

PS - Strangely enough Alan, Julia Gillard seems allergic to questions about the airport CCTV too. Though I guess some might take a look at the connections between the likes of Gary Hounsel, a Director of QANTAS Airways, and ALP insider Therese Reine, and connect the dots . . . Are mates helping mates, at the expense of an ordinary QANTAS passenger, and at the expense of an innocent woman?

Addit - 2.40pm on Monday 26th July 2010, Legal action against QANTAS

Just rang QANTAS, at 2.36pm, and asked to speak to Alan Joyce, but not a single person in their "Executive Suite" was available to speak to me (other than Frances, who answered the phone), so I asked for an email address, and she gave me this one:

She said that address goes straight through to their executive suite, and if I put it for the attention of Alan Joyce (QANTAS CEO), it will be passed on to him.

So here's my email:


Here's all the background you should need re the gross failures (re duty of care), towards Australian citizen and QANTAS passenger Schapelle Corby:

You are now on notice, re legal action against your airline, for failing to preserve a single frame of CCTV pertinent to Schapelle, or her luggage, despite the documented (and gross), corruption of your baggage handlers, on the very same day she flew.

See you court, regards, Kim

Addit - 11am on Tuesday 27th July 2010

I rang QANTAS again, and asked to speak to Alan Joyce. I was put through to the "Executive Offices," where I again spoke to Frances on reception. I asked Frances if my email of yesterday (above), had been passed on to Alan Joyce. She refused to confirm that, and would only say it was passed on to their "Legal Department." I emphasised my email was specifically addressed to Alan Joyce, but again, Frances refused to say (or confirm), he had received it. I can only assume he has.

I further explained when I spoke to Con, in Customer Care (yesterday), and asked him what had happened (legally), to the corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers, who were smuggling millions of dollars worth of drugs (in syndication with a Director of Macquarie Bank, who own Sydney Airport), on the day Schapelle flew, Con said someone would phone me back to-day. So could I speak to a senior person in the "Executive Offices" (about that), please?

Guess what? Not a single QANTAS employee was "Available" to speak to me - however, when I rang back a second time (shortly after), and asked "When" an employee would be available to speak to me (if they were all currently "Busy"), I was put through to Sunita, secretary to QANTAS General Counsel, Wes Nobelius. But it seems Wes is (most likely), "Unavailable" all day, though Sunita did take my phone number.

I explained to Sunita that I wanted to know what happened to the corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers (are they in jail? Or on probation?), and why QANTAS failed in its duty of care to Schapelle, vis a vis preserving a single frame of CCTV from three airports, especially as their corrupt baggage handlers/employees were engaged in criminal activity on the same day she flew - and the former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police (how much more credible, and high level, can you get?), had openly accused corrupt airport insiders of using innocent passengers as drug mules.

So, I very much look forward to hearing from Wes. I will call him back every day (and document these efforts here), until I do.

Addit - Wednesday 4th August 2010

I rang QANTAS back (around 10.30am), because despite the promise I received above, over a week ago (from Wes Nobelius, QANTAS General Counsel), no-one from QANTAS called me back. I'd asked what happened to their corrupt baggage handlers, and why QANTAS failed to secure a single frame of CCTV, relating to Schapelle or her luggage (from three airports), on the day these handlers smuggled millions of dollars worth of drugs, in cahoots with a Director of Macquarie Bank (Macquarie Bank own Sydney Airport). This was also on one of the many days Alan Conwell "Looked after" QANTAS security, despite his documented connections to drug king pin Michael Hurley.

I failed to receive any explanation, or apology, for Wes's complete failure to get back to me as promised, and his secretary refused to put me through to him - even though I mentioned Women for Schapelle got extensive coverage in New Idea Magazine this week. I was told I needed to speak to Steve Jackson, Head of Security, and they gave me his number. I rang, but got told he was "Not in" to-day, but should be in tomorrow. I left a detailed message re my questions, plus my phone number, and I look forward to hearing from him.

Amazing isn't it? This is one of QANTAS's most spectacular and high profile security failures to date (what else do you call trashing every frame of CCTV, on the same day an innocent Australian tourist is jailed in Bali, after 4.2 kg of marijuana is found in their luggage?), and their CEO Alan Joyce refuses to take calls on the matter, as does their legal counsel Wes Nobelius. What planet are they on? Methinks they need to come back to earth, and remember that the public record of this matter, does, and will, excoriate their airline.

Let's hope Schapelle is home very, very soon, before any further damage is done.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Kerry O'Brien, will you come clean?

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Kerry O'Brien is a very respected Australian broadcaster, so his involvement in this segment about Schapelle is shocking. Here's a letter to him about it . . .

Dear Kerry,

On the 30th January 2006, you anchored a 7.30 Report about Schapelle that was appalling, and I'm now asking you to come clean about that programme, before an innocent woman dies.

Also, it's blindingly obvious her story is only half told, and it's likely much correspondence from this blog will be included in the next book (I just pray she's still alive). Personally, I think the next half will outsell her previous best seller (well over 100,000 copies distributed), in leaps and bounds. So have no illusions Kerry, this is your professional reputation on the line. Here are my questions . . .

1. Would you like to comment on the apology the ABC was forced make, after similar untrue allegations about Schapelle's family were put forth by Lateline, in 2008? Why wasn't an apology issued for this 7.30 Report segment too, in 2006?

2. Why did you front a programme that lied about Schapelle's alleged (and completely untrue), "Refusal" to have the drugs in her bag forensically tested? Do you now accept this evidence of that lie? Do you now accept those drugs were burnt by the Bali Police before any testing, despite her frantic pleas to the contrary?

3. Why did that 7.30 report categorically state that the drugs found in Schapelle's bag were "Hydroponically grown," when they were never, ever scientifically investigated re their origin?

4. Michael Corby Snr (Schapelle's Father), had no criminal record. Why didn't that report refer to that clear evidence?

5. The Queensland Police never formally investigated or charged Michael Corby Snr for any crimes. Why didn't that report refer to that clear fact?

6. The Queensland Police never searched Schapelle's home premises (for any evidence of drug trafficking), never investigated her phone and banking records, and never interviewed her family, friends and associates. Why did that report never mention that glaring anomaly, and question it?

7. On the day Schapelle flew, every frame of CCTV, from three Australian airports, went "Missing" on the same day. Why did that report never mention that glaring anomaly, and question it?

8. Why did that report never mention the startling allegations of Ray Cooper, former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police?

9. Why did that report never mention that the same airport baggage handlers (on the same day), who "Dealt" with Schapelle's luggage, were later in court accused of gross corruption and drug smuggling? And why did that report never mention the involvement (in that same syndicate), of Ian Robert Chalmers, a director of Macquarie Bank, who own Sydney Airport?

10. Why did that report never mention that Schapelle begged to have her luggage weighed in Bali (to compare the result to the Brisbane check-in weight), but that her pleas were ignored and denied?

11. Why did that report never mention that Schapelle was the first Australian ever accused of taking marijuana from Australia, to Bali, for the perfectly sane reason that marijuana is dirt cheap on the streets of Bali, and sells for a fraction of the price over there (compared to Australia)?

12. Would you like to comment on ABC journalist John Stewart's objectivity, and professional behaviour?

I look forward to hearing from you Kerry. I hope you won't ignore these questions, because your silence on these very grave matters (if that's what you choose), will one day (very soon), ring out around the Globe . . .

Best wishes, Kim

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Schapelle Corby - ABC please say sorry to Mercedes Corby

Dear Mark,

I assume you're fully aware of the way your journalist John Stewart abused Schapelle's sister, Mercedes. Here he is in full flight.

I also assume you're aware Schapelle's story isn't finished, and I've a feeling this public record of correspondence will inform the next half.

So tell me Mark, has the ABC issued a formal, written apology to Mercedes yet, for John Stewart's behaviour? And if not, why not? Does the ABC now wish to retract John Stewart's unfounded and ugly accusations? And further, has the ABC ever provided John Stewart with any further guidance, training and advice in regard to his professional behaviour, vis a vis Mercedes Corby? Or is that an acceptable standard for your journalists?

I look forward to your formal response.

Very best wishes, Kim

(Facebook group to address the ABC's unacceptable behaviour vis a vis Schapelle and her family HERE)

Addit - 10.15am, Tuesday 27th July 2010

Rang Mark Scott's office, re a reminder about the above, and asked if Mercedes had received a formal apology from the ABC as yet, and/or when she can expect to receive one. I emphasised that I didn't think saying "Sorry" for this clearly unacceptable behaviour was a matter the ABC should have to "Refer to its solicitors," but rather, a simple issue of common courtesy. Anyway, that was the gist of the message I left on the voicemail of Mark Scott's secretary. I await the outcome with interest - as (no doubt), will many hundreds of thousands of readers, when the next half of Schapelle's story is published.

Schapelle Corby - A new protest group against ABC Australia for their lies

Click on the pic below to enlarge & read. New protest group here, created around 5pm on Tuesday 20th July 2010.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Our local Federal candidates . . .

Dear Andrew,

I live in the newly created Federal electorate of Wright.

I'm a Registered Nurse, and mum to three young adults.

A little while ago, a friend sent me some info about Schapelle Corby, so I took a closer look (having not thought about it much before). After just scratching the surface, I was appalled at the bizarre omissions I found.

It appears every shred of physical (or other), evidence she begged for was denied, or went "Missing," and there was also gross corruption at Sydney Airport on the day she flew.

Obviously, it's not right for an innocent woman to rot in jail for a crime committed by someone else, and as a mum myself, I had to do something - so (along with others), I'm a founding member of Women for Schapelle Corby, and here's me talking about it.

In a nutshell . . .
  • The Queensland Police did not investigate where the drugs in Schapelle's bag came from.
  • The Australian Federal Police "Lost" every single frame of Australian airport CCTV that Schapelle begged for (from three Australian airports).
  • The former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police openly accused some of his colleagues of drug smuggling between domestic airports, and of using the luggage of innocent passengers to do so.
  • The same baggage crew that "Dealt" with Schapelle's luggage were later in court, accused of taking $300,000 kickbacks to smuggle drugs, on the same day Schapelle flew
  • The ABC lied about Schapelle's alleged "Refusal" to have the drugs forensically tested, and still will not set the record straight, despite the unequivocable evidence they have to the contrary. Further, the Bali Police burnt all the physical evidence (drugs and bag), with no scientific testing. They point blank refused to allow it.
  • The ABC were also forced to apologise for a programme that smeared Schapelle's Father.
  • Schapelle's father had no criminal record.
  • Schapelle had no criminal record.
  • Schapelle tested negative for all drugs, had no known history of illicit drug use, plus a solid and continuous work record. Professor Paul Wilson, Chair of Criminology at Bond University, testified that Schapelle did not fit the profile of a drug smuggler.
  • Schapelle was the first Australian ever (or since), convicted of taking a commercial amount of marijuana to Bali, from Australia. Marijuana is worth peanuts in Bali, compared to Australia, where it sells for about ten times more. Schapelle had no motive to take marijuana from Australia to Bali.
  • The ABC are currently refusing to explain why they have not reported some key facts of Schapelle's case.
  • The Bali Police also refused to weigh Schapelle's bags, to compare this result to the check-in weight at Brisbane Airport.
  • A large number Indonesian terrorists are now walking free, having served very short jail terms. This information was also hi-lited in the above mentioned New Idea article.
So why am I writing to you Andrew? Well, at the moment, I can't get any answers at all from either Julia Gillard, or her Home Affairs Minister, Brendan O'Connor, as to why every frame of Australian airport CCTV that Schapelle begged for "Disappeared," even though all three Australian airports she travelled through were formal crime scenes, and this video footage should have been expertly preserved at once.

Can you please look into this for me please? I'll also be in touch with your campaign office, to find out when you'll be available to the local electorate (public forums etc.), so I can also speak to you face to face. Obviously this is a crucial question that cannot be avoided forever . . .

Very best wishes, Kim

CC - Local press

Addit - Monday 19th July 2010

Not a good start, despite the fact a local Australian woman is now dying in a Bali hell hole, most likely because of the same Australian Police corruption many think cost Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers his life, it's obvious Andrew hasn't given this matter the slightest personal attention, or even read the question properly. Here's the reply I got to-day from his minders. However, given the appalling treatment meted out (from this Government), to a high level civil servant who was also trying to call "Time" on the corruption at our airports, I guess that's all we can expect from the ALP?

Here's my reply, and I'll also be phoning Andrew later.

Further addit, Monday 19th July 2010

Press release here.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Truth has no mercy

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Here's Schapelle's best selling book. It's just the first half. If any guilty and lying party thinks it's the final episode, they're living in a fools paradise, because the next one will damn their legacy, their reputation, and their memory, to hell . . . this is just a small taste of the whirlwind of truth coming their way . . . and here's some more . . .

Schapelle Corby - Mercedes, a loving sister . . .

In scurrying to cover the government's sale of Schapelle and her human rights, the toxic Australian media vilified her family with smear after smear, and blatant lie after blatant lie. They worked tirelessly to create a barrier between the public, and the innocent woman left stranded in a hell hole. One tried and tested tactic was to character assassinate her loved ones. None more so than her beloved sister, Mercedes.

What the media created in the public psyche was a soap character, moulded to suit their twisted agenda. The truth about Mercedes, however, is the exact opposite of their shameful creation.

The extracts below are from a single article from few years ago.



WILD accusations, controversial TV reports and harassment by complete strangers are just a few of the daily horrors Mercedes Corby faces. Here, the 32-year-old talks about a happy childhood, the day of her sister's arrest and the hell that followed.

Before Schapelle was arrested in Bali two-and- a-half years ago, I enjoyed a happy life. I’d never had to endure any major crisis; I didn’t really know what stress was before that horrible day. Then my carefree life vanished into yesterday. Never could I have imagined the pain and turmoil that would come to fill the daily lives of my whole family.

I’m the eldest of six children – three boys and three girls – and I loved growing up in a big family. Until I was 10, I had just two siblings – Schapelle and Michael. We had a tight bond, with only a year between each of us. Schapelle and I were best friends, sharing a bedroom, friends and clothes

We did everything together. We could spend hours sitting in the grass making daisy chains or putting together dance routines. Schapelle’s always been a bit shy and I’ve often felt very protective of her – although she can definitely stand up for herself when she needs to.

Our parents split up when I was five, but it didn’t affect us much, as we still saw heaps of Dad. Mum and Dad stayed close friends and although we lived with Mum, we spent most of our school holidays up on Dad’s land at the beach. Despite the age gap, we were also very close to our three younger siblings.

Our home was full of people, fun and laughter. We were an outdoors family with Mum forever telling us, “Get outside, you kids.”.

I spent most of my childhood playing sports, riding bikes, at the beach, and Mum took us on regular weekend camping trips down the coast. As teenagers, Schapelle, Michael and I got hooked on surfing. We joined a local Gold Coast Surf Club and spent our weekends patrolling the beaches and hitting the surf.

My close school friends were also in the club. We had a lot of great times. To me, there’s nothing better than the sun, surf, being fit and being able to share it with family and friends. I became the surf club’s first-aid officer in my late teens. We competed against other clubs, with my team often making the state finals.

Mum worked hard to give us everything she’d missed out on in her own childhood. She’d done it tough, spending her early years in and out of orphanages. She’s never complained or felt sorry for herself, but it made her determined to give us a good life.

She’s the most protective, loving, generous mum we could ask for. She worked two or three factory jobs to pay for nice clothes, holidays and after-school classes. She sent Schapelle, Michael and I to tae kwon do classes. Schapelle and I also did ballet lessons for about 10 years. Although I was a bit of a tomboy, I loved dancing, concerts and costumes.I saved most of my costumes to pass onto my daughter, Nyeleigh, who now does ballet in Bali.

In 2004, we decided to take a five-month holiday to Bali, before Wayan started school on the Gold Coast. We had our little girl, Nyeleigh, by then, and felt it would be our last chance to give the two children a real taste of their dad’s culture and spend time with his family. We planned to be home by Christmas. But it didn’t work out. We didn’t get home. Instead, our lives turned to hell.

Nothing could have prepared us for the shock and trauma. It was incomprehensible. We’d been in Bali for about eight weeks when Schapelle was arrested on October 8, 2004, at Bali International Airport with 4.2kg of marijuana in her boogie-board bag.

She’d come to Bali for a two-week surfing holiday and to help me celebrate my 30th birthday – a milestone I was dreading.

Then, suddenly, my little sister was facing the death penalty. We’d crashed into a whole new life. It was surreal. I felt a darkness fill my heart. It’s never shifted; it won’t until my sister is free.

I lost 10kg through stress-induced vomiting and diarrhoea in those first few weeks. Pain and distress hit the moment I woke up and, most of the day, I felt as if battery acid was burning holes in my stomach.

Seeing Schapelle each day in a small concrete cell was shattering. We had to talk through the bars.

She would always try to be brave, but could rarely stop the tears pouring down her cheeks.

We were both so scared. We’d clasp each others hands for comfort. Saying goodbye each day was soul destroying. It was the hardest and loneliest feeling in the world to walk away. I usually didn’t make it far before I threw up.

Often I’d hear Schapelle’s faint voice calling after me in the distance: “Bye Merc. I love you Merc.”

I’d turn around to wave to her, and see her clinging to the bars like a terrified child, watching me walk away.

I knew she usually collapsed into a sobbing mess after I left. I’d call back, “See you tomorrow, Schapelle,” trying to keep my voice steady, “You’ll be OK.”

But we both knew that nothing was OK. She was my precious little sister, who I’d always loved and protected, and there seemed absolutely nothing I could do to protect her now.

Two-and-a-half years later, we’ve adjusted as best we can. Time has helped us to live with this situation. We will never accept it – we’ll keep fighting. But we’ve started to build a new life in Bali. I owed it to myself, my kids, my husband and Schapelle to put some normality back into our daily lives.

I was a social recluse for the first 18 months. I couldn’t go out and enjoy myself, even with close friends. I’d get too upset thinking about my sister locked in a cage – as she calls it. My whole life was focused on our fight to prove her innocence.

I’d spend hours online and on the phone desperately searching for help and answers.

I still do, but I also have to make the best of this precious life. Schapelle wants me to do that.

She’s losing her life day by day. She doesn’t want that for me, too. She’s so pleased when I seem happier. That’s Schapelle; always concerned about others.

The kids and Schapelle love to see each other. They still don’t quite understand why she can’t leave with us.They used to ask about it all the time, “Why can’t Auntie Pelle come with us, Mum?” They’d feel the sadness, too. They don’t say it as often now, although just a couple of weeks ago, Wayan asked, “When’s Auntie Pelle going home to Australia, Mum?” “Not sure, honey.” He left it at that.

It’s my beautiful children who’ve helped keep me sane through this ordeal. Although we wanted our children to be educated in Australia, we’ve had to accept a different path for them. What has happened to Schapelle has changed the course of their lives. We will stay here as long as Schapelle is in jail.

The attention has created a lot of extra strain. We’d never had anything to do with the media before and thought we were doing the right thing by speaking to journalists, trying to get the message out that Schapelle was innocent.

Our lawyers at the time also told us to speak out so that it would push the Australian Government to help. It didn’t.

Many appalling and untrue things have also been written and said about my family and me. It deeply upsets me, although I try to be strong and do my best not to let these cruel and nasty stories get me down.

I’ve been broken a few times, where my strength vanishes and I collapse into a lifeless heap on the floor.

But I can’t stay down for long. I know I have to pull myself together, not only for me but for my family and friends.

One thing that angers me is when reporters who’ve never met me or my family call us uneducated or unskilled, even ‘trash’. They know nothing about us. For the record, my father is a well-educated and smart man; he’s an electrical engineer and has had good jobs all his life. There are Corbys who have university degrees. My mother has worked very hard all her life to support her family. These people don’t know us. They don’t know that I finished school, went to college, speak four languages fluently and am learning a fifth.

I now have three beautiful children and I take my role as a mother very seriously.

I’m trying to live as normal a life as possible, but I’ve forgotten what it feels like to live without stress and strain and to feel good. My heart aches with sadness. My little sister is losing her life.

We never know what hell is around the next turn. People often used to comment that I looked very young for my age, now I know I look a lot older than I am.

I live with an aching heaviness, a deep sadness and a tightness in my stomach, like an elastic band has been twisted tightly around it. Will my beautiful sister ever get to have a family or enjoy her life?

I love my sister and I miss her. I miss shopping with her, going out to dinner. She’s my best friend and she’s locked away from us all.

I know she is innocent and I will keep fighting for her freedom and for answers. I will never stop. I will never give up.

Mercedes is a victim too: a courageous intelligent woman whose love for her sister shines through like a beacon, as she fights for Schapelle's life day after day, week after week, year after year. A wonderful sister and an incredibly warm person.

You are not alone Mercedes: please know that every member of this Facebook group is by your side, and will fight with you for Schapelle until justice prevails and she is free.