Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The 3AW 693 News Report, Thurs 29th July 2010

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My comments to this story. I hope they're published . . .

I'm a psychiatric nurse (RN), qualified since 1978. It's a miracle Schapelle is still alive, and every second longer she spends in that Bali hell hole is a dance with death - and those in this country, who trashed every frame of CCTV the day she flew, the same day corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers smuggled millions of dollars worth of cocaine through Sydney airport, in cahoots with a Director of Macquarie Bank (Macquarie Bank own Sydney Airport), need to remember that, as does the likes of Alan Conwell, the QANTAS "Security" Manager, sacked for his connections to drug king pin Michael Hurley.