Thursday, July 29, 2010

Schapelle Corby, The 7pm Project & Blasting Out the Truth

Click on the pic to enlarge & read. Blog notes below

Schapelle was in the news on Thursday 29th July 2010, specifically (amongst others), on Channel 10's 7pm Project (24,718 Facebook members), in this segment. I posted the above scorching remarks on their page late Thursday evening (and in their comments thread too), and I hope they remain in place. If they're deleted, they'll be re-posted as often as necessary.

And here are links in that screen grab - the news about the ABC 7.30 Report and Kerry O'Brien (vis a vis Schapelle), here, and the news about QANTAS here and here.

Addit - 11.47pm, Friday 30th July 2010 . . .

Also just added these graphic comments to the Facebook page of Channel 10's 7pm Project (re 100,000 flyers to be distributed over the next three weeks, at key points, re Julia Gillard's silence about the "Missing" airport CCTV).

That Channel 10 Facebook post contains a link to this blog post (which displays the flyer), to this article about the bizarre death of Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, and to this article about internal corruption in the Australian Federal Police.