Monday, July 5, 2010

Schapelle Corby - ABC Australia, please publicly apologise

Email sent to Louise, Mark Scott's secretary, on Tuesday 6th July 2010, at 3.44pm, after I spoke to her on the phone:

Hi Louise,

Thank you very much for your time and help on this. Appreciated.

Here's the blog post relating to the issues I was discussing with you:

Here's the the ABC 7.30 Report in question:

Here's the direct lie about the forensic testing:

Here's the proof of that lie, which was also available to the ABC at the time, if you/they had done the appropriate and necessary research:

And here's Schapelle's own comments on this:

. . . from her book:

. . . which by 2007 alone, had sold over 90,000 copies:

And here's the direct evidence of John Stewart's bias and bad faith, which gives a graphic indication (at least in my opinion), of why he failed in his journalistic responsibilities:

And you may also be aware that just last week, Schapelle was front page news on New Idea Magazine (read by over 1.5 million Australian women). The article cast grave doubts over the safety and integrity of her conviction:

I would hope you will discuss this extremely serious issue with Mark Scott (your direct boss), and Managing Director of the ABC, as a matter of extreme urgency. I will call you tomorrow sometime, to get some kind of interim feedback of what the ABC intends to do vis a vis an equally high profile retraction and and apology.

Very best wishes, Kim


ABC 7.30 Report censors information - Tuesday 6th July 2010, and here's their Facebook group

Evidence of further ABC censorship (same day).