Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Schapelle Corby - ABC please say sorry to Mercedes Corby

Dear Mark,

I assume you're fully aware of the way your journalist John Stewart abused Schapelle's sister, Mercedes. Here he is in full flight.

I also assume you're aware Schapelle's story isn't finished, and I've a feeling this public record of correspondence will inform the next half.

So tell me Mark, has the ABC issued a formal, written apology to Mercedes yet, for John Stewart's behaviour? And if not, why not? Does the ABC now wish to retract John Stewart's unfounded and ugly accusations? And further, has the ABC ever provided John Stewart with any further guidance, training and advice in regard to his professional behaviour, vis a vis Mercedes Corby? Or is that an acceptable standard for your journalists?

I look forward to your formal response.

Very best wishes, Kim

(Facebook group to address the ABC's unacceptable behaviour vis a vis Schapelle and her family HERE)

Addit - 10.15am, Tuesday 27th July 2010

Rang Mark Scott's office, re a reminder about the above, and asked if Mercedes had received a formal apology from the ABC as yet, and/or when she can expect to receive one. I emphasised that I didn't think saying "Sorry" for this clearly unacceptable behaviour was a matter the ABC should have to "Refer to its solicitors," but rather, a simple issue of common courtesy. Anyway, that was the gist of the message I left on the voicemail of Mark Scott's secretary. I await the outcome with interest - as (no doubt), will many hundreds of thousands of readers, when the next half of Schapelle's story is published.