Saturday, July 10, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Corruption at the ABC?

In January 2006, the ABC's 7.30 Report told outright lies about Schapelle.

In September 2008, ABC Lateline was forced to issue an apology for a potentially defammatory story about Schapelle's family.

And here's ABC journalist John Stewart, launching an incredibly hostile and biased attack on Mercedes, Schapelle's sister.

Further, here are some facts, suggesting to some the corruption at Sydney Airport may have reached into the highest (and richest), levels of our society - as the link between convicted airport drug smuggler Ian Robert Chalmers and Macquarie Bank (owners of Sydney Airport) - on the exact day Schapelle flew, was very much stronger than the ABC's alleged "Connection" between Michael Corby Snr. (Schapelle's Father), and his drug-growing neighbor. For the record, Ian Robert Chalmers was a Director of Macquarie Bank. Or is it OK to fling mud and innuendo at the weak and poor in our society, a dying man without the means to fight back, whilst ignoring the rich and powerful?

Further still, here are some legitimate questions about Schapelle (re the "Vanishing" airport CCTV, and zero police investigation into the Australian source of the marijuana), that not even the leaders of this country will answer. Does the rule of law even exist any more? The implications of their silence are frightening - and completely devastating for our honest policemen. Gary Lee Rogers, I honour an extremely brave serving officer - and Gerry Fletcher, may you soon get the justice and recognition you deserve.

And here is Media Lens, a very well known organisation that has thoroughly documented and exposed the ways in which powerful elements in our society proscribe "Truth," to promote an agenda. Just like Neo from The Matrix, it's time to wake up, and gaze behind their veil of "Neutrality" and "Respectability."

Though this Media Lens publication doesn't refer directly to Schapelle, it's a brilliant dissection of how mainstream "Reporting" garbles reality to suit those who pull the strings. So I'm also forwarding this blog post to them . . . as well as the extensive background at Journoz (vis a vis the ABC and their apparent damnation of Schapelle).

And below, is a set of very direct questions about Schapelle, to Mark Scott, Managing Director of the ABC, that will join a growing body correspondence/evidence, vis a vis civil court action against the ABC. I hope he answers in a timely and appropriate manner . . .

So please answer these further questions, re this ABC Report (about Schapelle), Mark . . . while I still wait for your answers on this inquiry.

Point 1 - "KERRY O'BRIEN: Welcome to the program. And it's good to be back for 2006. First up - the Corbys. It's been a dramatic few weeks for the Corby family. First came the news that Schapelle Corby would have to serve the full 20-year sentence imposed last year in Bali after she was convicted for drug trafficking. To make matters worse, her half-brother was recently arrested in Queensland on drugs charges. Despite all this, the Corby family has always maintained it has no association with anyone linked to the drug trade.

Tonight, we explore the relationship between Schapelle Corby's father, Michael Corby, and the friend who was his next-door neighbour over years in two different Queensland locations. This man was arrested and charged with running a sophisticated, commercial marijuana operation just one month before Schapelle Corby's fateful trip to Bali. The relationship between the two men is not in itself evidence that the Corby family has any involvement in the drug trade, but it does raise questions which may warrant further investigation. This report from John Stewart and Renata Gombac of the ABC's investigative unit."

Kerry O'Brien says these issues "May warrant further investigation," so what "Further investigation" did the ABC do, and report on? Did the ABC discover and reveal that . . .

a. The Queensland Police did NOT search or investigate any of the physical premises (relating to Schapelle and her luggage), for evidence of drug trafficking?

b. The Queensland Police did NOT investigate Schapelle's phone and/or banking records?

c. The Queensland Police did NOT interview any of Schapelle's family, friends or associates?

d. The Australian Federal Police failed to preserve a single frame of CCTV, from any Australian airport, relating to Schapelle and/or her luggage?

e. That Schapelle had begged for her luggage to be weighed in Bali (to compare it to the check-in weight at Brisbane), but that the Bali authorities point blank (and inexplicably), refused to carry out this very simple, and very vital investigation?

f. That Schapelle also begged for CCTV from Bali Airport (to confirm her version of events), but that the Bali authorities point blank (and inexplicably), refused this request?

g. That Michael Corby Snr. had no criminal record? (To balance the assertions about Schapelle's half brother).

h. That Schapelle had no criminal record? (To balance the assertions about her half brother).

i. That the charges against Schapelle's half-brother were NOT related to trafficking drugs, or selling drugs?

j. That the drugs in found in Schapelle's bag were worth a tiny amount in Bali, but that on Australia's street, they would sell for around ten times more, therefore there was NO motive for Schapelle to take these drugs to Bali?

k. That Schapelle was the first Australian ever, convicted of taking marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali? (For the very obvious reason that no-one in their right mind would export drugs, at great risk, from this country, merely to make a huge loss).

l. That Ray Cooper, former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police, had openly accused some members of the AFP of drug smuggling between domestic airports, and of using the luggage of innocent passengers to do so?

m. That the SAME baggage handlers who "Dealt" with Schapelle's luggage, were later in court on major drugs/corruption charges, relating to the EXACT day Schapelle flew? And that Ian Robert Chalmers, a former Director of Macquarie Bank (owners of Sydney Airport), was involved in this syndicate?

n. Re points 1 a through to 1 m (above), has the ABC ever, in any news broadcast, reported those specific (and salient), facts? If so, please provide details.

Point 2 - "JOHN STEWART: All along the way, the line from friends and family has also been consistent - the hydroponic marijuana seized in her boogie board bag was not hers."

What is the formal basis for John Stewart's definitive, unequivocal statement here, re "Hydroponic marijuana," given that all the drugs found in Schapelle's bag were burnt without any forensic testing re origin and/or type (or anything else for that matter)? Despite Schapelle's pleas . . .