Monday, July 12, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Info ABC Australia doesn't want you to see . . .

Click on the pic below to enlarge & read. Blog notes below.

Obviously, ABC Australia is hugely uncomfortable with the Facebook experience. It's beyond their immediate and complete control. Although the above comments about Schapelle were deleted, they will be back on the ABC's pages, and on pages completely outside their control - and repeatedly so, until ABC Australia does the right thing, and issues a high profile public apology for their blatant lies about an innocent woman.

What are you covering up, ABC Australia?

The lies of ABC Australia about an ordinary, working class girl, compared to their silence about the rich and powerful in this country, will go down in history as a major crime, and a major injustice.

A woman is dying because the ABC told deliberate lies about her, and wilfully refused to broadcast key facts. Australian public opinion, which was overwhelmingly in her favour, was turned around by their crass manipulation.

However, the arrogant will soon learn about the power of the people. As well as the continuing Facebook discomfort for the ABC, this flyer contains this web link. It goes straight to a large amount of info, including background on how the ABC manipulated information.

I'm also of the opinion this soon-to-be-globally-released film won't be kind to Australia's public broadcaster either . . .