Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Is Gillard's silence about the Australian airport CCTV bought and paid for?

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To-day, around 2.50pm I rang my local member's office, Brett Raguse, and spoke to Narelle. I explained that on October 8th 2004, an Australian woman, Schapelle Corby, was charged with smuggling 4.2kg of marijuana through Brisbane Domestic Airport, Sydney Domestic Airport and Sydney International Airport, and into Bali. I also explained that each terminal was a formal crime scene, relating to the export of a narcotic (a crime in this jurisdiction) - but inexplicably, every single frame of CCTV from all locations "Vanished."

However, Narelle's a very bright girl, because I then went on to explain that on same day Schapelle flew, millions of dollars worth of cocaine were also flowing through Sydney Airport, "Handled" by the exact same baggage crew that "Handled" Schapelle's luggage - and I thought this might have something to do with the "Missing" CCTV. She didn't argue with my logic, and to give credit where credit's due, I got the impression she was appalled, especially when I added that an Ian Robert Chalmers was involved in that syndicate, a former Director of Macquarie Bank, who own Sydney Airport.

But that wasn't the end of my mission. I also explained I'd faxed these questions to Julia Gillard about it, but so far, I wasn't even able to get an answer about when she would reply (rough estimate required). So as Brett is my local member, could he chase it up for me please, and get back to me with an approximate date? Anyway, Narelle took down all the details (thank you), and said she'd pass my request on to Brett. I look forward to his feedback.

And in the meantime, I'd like to add a few pithy observations. Election campaigns are very expensive, and some crooks are very rich, with (possibly), connections in very high places - so let's hope our politicians, of all persuasions, can convince the Australian people they are not protecting the guilty at the expense of the innocent. There's an awful lot of people who would like to know, including (I guess), the 1.5 million (plus) readers of New Idea, the 90,000 or so who have read Schapelle's book, and the 50,000 plus who have watched this You Tube segment.