Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Kerry O'Brien, will you come clean?

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Kerry O'Brien is a very respected Australian broadcaster, so his involvement in this segment about Schapelle is shocking. Here's a letter to him about it . . .

Dear Kerry,

On the 30th January 2006, you anchored a 7.30 Report about Schapelle that was appalling, and I'm now asking you to come clean about that programme, before an innocent woman dies.

Also, it's blindingly obvious her story is only half told, and it's likely much correspondence from this blog will be included in the next book (I just pray she's still alive). Personally, I think the next half will outsell her previous best seller (well over 100,000 copies distributed), in leaps and bounds. So have no illusions Kerry, this is your professional reputation on the line. Here are my questions . . .

1. Would you like to comment on the apology the ABC was forced make, after similar untrue allegations about Schapelle's family were put forth by Lateline, in 2008? Why wasn't an apology issued for this 7.30 Report segment too, in 2006?

2. Why did you front a programme that lied about Schapelle's alleged (and completely untrue), "Refusal" to have the drugs in her bag forensically tested? Do you now accept this evidence of that lie? Do you now accept those drugs were burnt by the Bali Police before any testing, despite her frantic pleas to the contrary?

3. Why did that 7.30 report categorically state that the drugs found in Schapelle's bag were "Hydroponically grown," when they were never, ever scientifically investigated re their origin?

4. Michael Corby Snr (Schapelle's Father), had no criminal record. Why didn't that report refer to that clear evidence?

5. The Queensland Police never formally investigated or charged Michael Corby Snr for any crimes. Why didn't that report refer to that clear fact?

6. The Queensland Police never searched Schapelle's home premises (for any evidence of drug trafficking), never investigated her phone and banking records, and never interviewed her family, friends and associates. Why did that report never mention that glaring anomaly, and question it?

7. On the day Schapelle flew, every frame of CCTV, from three Australian airports, went "Missing" on the same day. Why did that report never mention that glaring anomaly, and question it?

8. Why did that report never mention the startling allegations of Ray Cooper, former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police?

9. Why did that report never mention that the same airport baggage handlers (on the same day), who "Dealt" with Schapelle's luggage, were later in court accused of gross corruption and drug smuggling? And why did that report never mention the involvement (in that same syndicate), of Ian Robert Chalmers, a director of Macquarie Bank, who own Sydney Airport?

10. Why did that report never mention that Schapelle begged to have her luggage weighed in Bali (to compare the result to the Brisbane check-in weight), but that her pleas were ignored and denied?

11. Why did that report never mention that Schapelle was the first Australian ever accused of taking marijuana from Australia, to Bali, for the perfectly sane reason that marijuana is dirt cheap on the streets of Bali, and sells for a fraction of the price over there (compared to Australia)?

12. Would you like to comment on ABC journalist John Stewart's objectivity, and professional behaviour?

I look forward to hearing from you Kerry. I hope you won't ignore these questions, because your silence on these very grave matters (if that's what you choose), will one day (very soon), ring out around the Globe . . .

Best wishes, Kim