Saturday, July 3, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Mick Keelty's "Mistake" about forensic testing

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(And here's Schapelle's comments about Mick Keelty and his apparent lies, from her book, which by 2007 alone, had sold over 90,000 copies).

Mick, would you like to explain your comments above (about Schapelle, and your false claim she "Refused" forensic testing of the drugs found in her bag), to The Australian, reported on the 14 February 2007? Because this original documentation from the Australian consulate in Bali (also above), says the complete opposite? Maybe you could also explain those remarks to your new students? I guess they (and ANU), might be curious, especially when they learn you also fluffed every frame of CCTV Schapelle begged for. Didn't have something to hide, did you Mick? Here's a training document for you, it might come in useful as a refresher. . .

You might also want to note that Mercedes Corby won a substantial payout from Channel 7 (for defammation), in the 7 TV segment that The Australian also mentions, alongside your comments.


Message sent to ANU . . .

Tom, could you please pass the above comments/questions on to Mick Keelty. I also very much hope you will be seeking answers yourself. It is entirely unacceptable that these key questions remain unaddressed, while an innocent Australian woman is still dying in a Bali hell hole.

Further Tom, it's a matter of public record that The Law Council of Australia was moved to publish this media release, which damned Mick Keelty's grossly unprofessional behaviour towards Schapelle. As they clearly point out, his behaviour would be unlawful in this country. And this is the person who is now teaching your students? Is that appropriate? What's he going to teach them? How to skirt the outer limits of the law, how to lie about the extent of insider drug smuggling at Australian airports, how to "Forget" the truth, and how to "Vanish" every frame CCTV from three formal, Federal crime scenes?

During Schapelle's trial, Mr. Keelty publicly claimed the intelligence supporting airport corruption was flimsy, when in reality the SAME crew dealing with her bags were later charged with drug smuggling, on the very day she flew - and he also made these damaging, and grossly untrue, claims whilst the AFP was actually investigating this crime. And in September 2005, The Wheeler Report also exposed Mr. Keelty's remarks as totally false. To quote the ABC:

"Schapelle Corby had claimed baggage handlers there were involved in drug smuggling, and may have planted drugs in her boogie board bag. The Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty rejected her claims, even though his officers had uncovered a $30-million cocaine smuggling syndicate operating at the airport.

So when The Australian newspaper published a leaked Customs report which detailed drug offences and security breaches at the airport, something had to be done. Well, two things. Firstly, the Federal Government called-in the British aviation expert Sir John Wheeler to conduct a review of airport security operations which resulted in Canberra allocating an extra $200-million to tighten controls. Then, it began a hunt for the person responsible for the leak."


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