Sunday, July 18, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Our local Federal candidates . . .

Dear Andrew,

I live in the newly created Federal electorate of Wright.

I'm a Registered Nurse, and mum to three young adults.

A little while ago, a friend sent me some info about Schapelle Corby, so I took a closer look (having not thought about it much before). After just scratching the surface, I was appalled at the bizarre omissions I found.

It appears every shred of physical (or other), evidence she begged for was denied, or went "Missing," and there was also gross corruption at Sydney Airport on the day she flew.

Obviously, it's not right for an innocent woman to rot in jail for a crime committed by someone else, and as a mum myself, I had to do something - so (along with others), I'm a founding member of Women for Schapelle Corby, and here's me talking about it.

In a nutshell . . .
  • The Queensland Police did not investigate where the drugs in Schapelle's bag came from.
  • The Australian Federal Police "Lost" every single frame of Australian airport CCTV that Schapelle begged for (from three Australian airports).
  • The former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police openly accused some of his colleagues of drug smuggling between domestic airports, and of using the luggage of innocent passengers to do so.
  • The same baggage crew that "Dealt" with Schapelle's luggage were later in court, accused of taking $300,000 kickbacks to smuggle drugs, on the same day Schapelle flew
  • The ABC lied about Schapelle's alleged "Refusal" to have the drugs forensically tested, and still will not set the record straight, despite the unequivocable evidence they have to the contrary. Further, the Bali Police burnt all the physical evidence (drugs and bag), with no scientific testing. They point blank refused to allow it.
  • The ABC were also forced to apologise for a programme that smeared Schapelle's Father.
  • Schapelle's father had no criminal record.
  • Schapelle had no criminal record.
  • Schapelle tested negative for all drugs, had no known history of illicit drug use, plus a solid and continuous work record. Professor Paul Wilson, Chair of Criminology at Bond University, testified that Schapelle did not fit the profile of a drug smuggler.
  • Schapelle was the first Australian ever (or since), convicted of taking a commercial amount of marijuana to Bali, from Australia. Marijuana is worth peanuts in Bali, compared to Australia, where it sells for about ten times more. Schapelle had no motive to take marijuana from Australia to Bali.
  • The ABC are currently refusing to explain why they have not reported some key facts of Schapelle's case.
  • The Bali Police also refused to weigh Schapelle's bags, to compare this result to the check-in weight at Brisbane Airport.
  • A large number Indonesian terrorists are now walking free, having served very short jail terms. This information was also hi-lited in the above mentioned New Idea article.
So why am I writing to you Andrew? Well, at the moment, I can't get any answers at all from either Julia Gillard, or her Home Affairs Minister, Brendan O'Connor, as to why every frame of Australian airport CCTV that Schapelle begged for "Disappeared," even though all three Australian airports she travelled through were formal crime scenes, and this video footage should have been expertly preserved at once.

Can you please look into this for me please? I'll also be in touch with your campaign office, to find out when you'll be available to the local electorate (public forums etc.), so I can also speak to you face to face. Obviously this is a crucial question that cannot be avoided forever . . .

Very best wishes, Kim

CC - Local press

Addit - Monday 19th July 2010

Not a good start, despite the fact a local Australian woman is now dying in a Bali hell hole, most likely because of the same Australian Police corruption many think cost Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers his life, it's obvious Andrew hasn't given this matter the slightest personal attention, or even read the question properly. Here's the reply I got to-day from his minders. However, given the appalling treatment meted out (from this Government), to a high level civil servant who was also trying to call "Time" on the corruption at our airports, I guess that's all we can expect from the ALP?

Here's my reply, and I'll also be phoning Andrew later.

Further addit, Monday 19th July 2010

Press release here.