Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Schapelle Corby - QANTAS, Cannabis is moved through your airports, by corrupt staff

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Just another few lines (in addition to the last missive). To quickly set the scene again, you're fully aware that millions of dollars worth of cocaine was smuggled through Sydney Airport, by corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers (on the day Schapelle flew), and from within the same terminal, and time (pertinent to her journey).

They were working in syndication with a Director of Macquarie Bank, and Macquarie Bank own Sydney Airport. This was also the day QANTAS negligently failed to secure (or save), a single frame of CCTV (from three terminals), despite Schapelle's pleas for this evidence.

When QANTAS is in court, answering for this glaring omission, you might like to turn to page 111 of The Wheeler Report, which clearly says cannabis is smuggled through our airports, with the aid of staff corrupted by criminal gangs - such as, for instance, the one that employed "Tom" to smuggle drugs through Sydney, on Schapelle's flight day. He's a dark character with a long criminal history, and a history of trafficking marijuana, as well as cocaine.

And have you heard of "Occams Razor" Alan? Because QANTAS will be hearing about it in court. It says the simplest explanation is usually the right one. So tell me Al, what's more likely, a long-term criminal scroat, through some accident of fate, fails to pick up his expected domestic shipment of marijuana - or a young woman with no criminal history, is the first person ever (or since), to smuggle a commercial amount of marijuana to Bali, from Australia, at a massive financial loss? The former makes perfect sense, while the latter is completely bizarre, as The Melbourne Age also (quite clearly), pointed out on the 5th March 2005.

And here's another tip for you Alan, it's pretty damn useless having over 900 CCTV cameras, and spending millions on them, if you trash the footage when it's desperately needed.