Sunday, July 25, 2010

Schapelle Corby - QANTAS, please answer the questions

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Alan Joyce, CEO of QANTAS, looks pretty cosy with Anna Bligh there, doesn't he? Seems they have a pretty warm relationship. I wonder if Alan knows this "Respectable" woman in a business suit is refusing to explain why her police force failed to investigate who cultivated and supplied the $40,000 worth of marijuana, that was found in the luggage of a QANTAS passenger from Queensland? Strange that.

Anyway, this morning I rang "Customer Care" at QANTAS, and asked for some "Care" for one of their customers, Schapelle. Around 9.30am on Monday 26th July 2010, I spoke to a gentleman named Con, and asked him if he could find out what happened (eventually, in a legal sense), to the corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers, who were smuggling cocaine on the same day Schapelle flew. I also told him it was a very important question, as they were working in syndication with a director of Macquarie Bank, and Macquarie Bank own Sydney Airport.

I asked Con another question too, I asked him if he could find out what happened to every frame of airport CCTV (from three Australian airports, on the same day), relating to Schapelle and her luggage, as bizarrely, every single frame "Vanished." I didn't think it was very "Caring" of QANTAS to be so negligent with one of their valued customers (re such vital evidence), considering the uncertainty and documented QANTAS corruption. Hardly the right way to treat your passengers, is it?

Con didn't seem very comfortable with my questions, which wasn't surprising, given that QANTAS was extremely uncomfortable with Schapelle's book too, despite the fact it's now sold over 100,000 copies. However, he took my phone number, and said someone would call me back tomorrow. I look forward to hearing from him, as do many others . . .

So Alan sweetheart, can I also take this opportunity to have a quiet word in your ear? If QANTAS didn't like Schapelle's last book, it sure as hell will spit chips at the next one. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if your share price didn't take a nose dive, right in line with your passenger numbers. Because this is a story that will be told.

PS - Strangely enough Alan, Julia Gillard seems allergic to questions about the airport CCTV too. Though I guess some might take a look at the connections between the likes of Gary Hounsel, a Director of QANTAS Airways, and ALP insider Therese Reine, and connect the dots . . . Are mates helping mates, at the expense of an ordinary QANTAS passenger, and at the expense of an innocent woman?

Addit - 2.40pm on Monday 26th July 2010, Legal action against QANTAS

Just rang QANTAS, at 2.36pm, and asked to speak to Alan Joyce, but not a single person in their "Executive Suite" was available to speak to me (other than Frances, who answered the phone), so I asked for an email address, and she gave me this one:

She said that address goes straight through to their executive suite, and if I put it for the attention of Alan Joyce (QANTAS CEO), it will be passed on to him.

So here's my email:


Here's all the background you should need re the gross failures (re duty of care), towards Australian citizen and QANTAS passenger Schapelle Corby:

You are now on notice, re legal action against your airline, for failing to preserve a single frame of CCTV pertinent to Schapelle, or her luggage, despite the documented (and gross), corruption of your baggage handlers, on the very same day she flew.

See you court, regards, Kim

Addit - 11am on Tuesday 27th July 2010

I rang QANTAS again, and asked to speak to Alan Joyce. I was put through to the "Executive Offices," where I again spoke to Frances on reception. I asked Frances if my email of yesterday (above), had been passed on to Alan Joyce. She refused to confirm that, and would only say it was passed on to their "Legal Department." I emphasised my email was specifically addressed to Alan Joyce, but again, Frances refused to say (or confirm), he had received it. I can only assume he has.

I further explained when I spoke to Con, in Customer Care (yesterday), and asked him what had happened (legally), to the corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers, who were smuggling millions of dollars worth of drugs (in syndication with a Director of Macquarie Bank, who own Sydney Airport), on the day Schapelle flew, Con said someone would phone me back to-day. So could I speak to a senior person in the "Executive Offices" (about that), please?

Guess what? Not a single QANTAS employee was "Available" to speak to me - however, when I rang back a second time (shortly after), and asked "When" an employee would be available to speak to me (if they were all currently "Busy"), I was put through to Sunita, secretary to QANTAS General Counsel, Wes Nobelius. But it seems Wes is (most likely), "Unavailable" all day, though Sunita did take my phone number.

I explained to Sunita that I wanted to know what happened to the corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers (are they in jail? Or on probation?), and why QANTAS failed in its duty of care to Schapelle, vis a vis preserving a single frame of CCTV from three airports, especially as their corrupt baggage handlers/employees were engaged in criminal activity on the same day she flew - and the former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police (how much more credible, and high level, can you get?), had openly accused corrupt airport insiders of using innocent passengers as drug mules.

So, I very much look forward to hearing from Wes. I will call him back every day (and document these efforts here), until I do.

Addit - Wednesday 4th August 2010

I rang QANTAS back (around 10.30am), because despite the promise I received above, over a week ago (from Wes Nobelius, QANTAS General Counsel), no-one from QANTAS called me back. I'd asked what happened to their corrupt baggage handlers, and why QANTAS failed to secure a single frame of CCTV, relating to Schapelle or her luggage (from three airports), on the day these handlers smuggled millions of dollars worth of drugs, in cahoots with a Director of Macquarie Bank (Macquarie Bank own Sydney Airport). This was also on one of the many days Alan Conwell "Looked after" QANTAS security, despite his documented connections to drug king pin Michael Hurley.

I failed to receive any explanation, or apology, for Wes's complete failure to get back to me as promised, and his secretary refused to put me through to him - even though I mentioned Women for Schapelle got extensive coverage in New Idea Magazine this week. I was told I needed to speak to Steve Jackson, Head of Security, and they gave me his number. I rang, but got told he was "Not in" to-day, but should be in tomorrow. I left a detailed message re my questions, plus my phone number, and I look forward to hearing from him.

Amazing isn't it? This is one of QANTAS's most spectacular and high profile security failures to date (what else do you call trashing every frame of CCTV, on the same day an innocent Australian tourist is jailed in Bali, after 4.2 kg of marijuana is found in their luggage?), and their CEO Alan Joyce refuses to take calls on the matter, as does their legal counsel Wes Nobelius. What planet are they on? Methinks they need to come back to earth, and remember that the public record of this matter, does, and will, excoriate their airline.

Let's hope Schapelle is home very, very soon, before any further damage is done.