Sunday, August 15, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The A C Nielsen poll

Let's take a closer look. Here's the press report of the (Australian), August 2010 poll in question.

In essence, some very corrupt players are getting nervous about an innocent woman returning home - and want to test the water, to see if they can hold off a little longer, without damaging the bottom line, and bi-lateral relations. The answer is a resounding "NO," and here's why.

1. The map is not the territory. In other words, it's unsafe to trust this poll, and base vital decisions on it. Miscalculation can (and will be), disastrous.

2. A C Nielsen has strong business ties to Indonesia. That doesn't bode well for impartiality.

3. It was a joint poll, with The Sun Herald. This is the paper that refuses to print the facts I excoriate Tom Allard with, here, because they're terrified of them. That does not bode well for impartiality.

4. How an earth can 58% of Australians be unsure of Schapelle's "Guilt," and/or think she's innocent, and yet only 34% (allegedly), think she should be set free? That quite bizarre, and quite inconsistent, and begs the questions of how the poll was skewed. As was drummed into me during a social science degree, there's lies, damn lies and statistics.

5. This Woman's Day poll (in April 2010, using a much larger sample), gave an entirely different result.

6. If, after one of the most consistent and deliberate smear campaigns in history, 58% of Australians are completely unsure of Schapelle's guilt, then the spin doctors have a major problem on their hands. Plus a very large number of the remaining 42% (even if they're "Sure" Schapelle's guilty), will think enough's enough (that's common sense).

7. Last week's high profile revelations about Lindy Chamberlain would have caused many Australians to take a second look at Schapelle's situation. The parallels are stark.

8. Over 1.5 million Australian women read this damning article, re major doubts about Schapelle's "Guilt," in the same week Australia had its first female Prime Minister, and those doubts took precedence. Further, women's magazines hang around (everywhere), for months, and months, and months . . . They're not tomorrow's bin liner, or the quickly forgotten radio interview. This same article also graphically pointed out the glaring disparity with the Bali bombers (and others).

9. Until she's home, Schapelle will never be off the front cover of the Women's Magazines. Get used to it.

10. There are nearly 2,000 members of Women for Schapelle Corby.

12. That's an easily contactable supporter base, that will be immediately galvanised into much more overt action, in the face of bad news. Right now, supporters may be treading water, in the expectation of her release - but that can (and will), change overnight. 14,000 angry and active people is a force to be reckoned with (scroll down to "Fighting fire with fire" in this post, and absorb every word).

13. The reaction on the ground, e.g. in the actual "Territory," not the "Map" (re Schapelle), is entirely enthusiastic and supportive.

14. Schapelle's book was purchased by over 90,000 people, by 2007. Many more would have actually read it, and many more will. The next book will be an even bigger block buster.

15. Over 56,000 people have watched this You Tube clip, and that number is rising every day.

16. Over 50,000 people have signed petitions to free her.