Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Bali Bombers, Letter to the Editor

118 words, just sent to 100's of local newspapers all over Australia (link to this 24 August 2010 ABC news article included):

"The Bali bombers will soon have their life sentences reduced to 20 years (press reports, 24 Aug 2010), the same sentence imposed on Schapelle, for allegedly smuggling 4.2 kg of marijuana, though every shred of evidence she pleaded for was trashed. The Bali police burnt the drugs (and the bag), and point blank refused tests for plant source, fingerprints and human DNA. They also failed to weigh her luggage, to compare the outcome with the Brisbane check-in result, even though she desperately begged for this proof of her innocence. What in hell is going on? Is an extremely dodgy conviction for 4.2 kg of pot worth the same penalty as preparing the explosives that killed 202 people?"