Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Brisbane Airport Corporation

Goodmorning Julieanne,

This morning, I spoke to Alistair Kerr, your Security Operations Manager, to clarify who is (and was), formally responsible for the CCTV in every single Brisbane or Sydney airport area (including car parks), traversed by Schapelle (and/or her luggage), on the 8th October 2004 (as I assume, like most reasonable people, that all relevant security services know each other, and liaise on a regular basis).

Alistair told me he was in charge of BAC's CCTV on that day, and he also told me (several weeks ago now, when I last spoke to him), that BAC did not preserve the CCTV relevant to Schapelle because the Australian Federal Police didn't request the footage. This begs major questions of the AFP, and BAC. Or was BAC on a different planet to the rest of us when a young Australian citizen was arrested (in bizarre circumstances), in Indonesia? Wasn't the news high profile enough for your corporation? Or is BAC, just like QANTAS, "Not in the game of policing"?

Can I also take this opportunity to have a quiet word in in your ear Julieanne? The Australian public are getting a tad suspicious, and truth has no mercy.

Anyway, Alistair was extremely cagey when I spoke to him to-day, and wouldn't provide this simple info, e.g. who was formally in charge of what on the day Schapelle flew. I hardly think this is "Top secret." It's basic background, that should be easily and readily available. I explained that when I spoke to Steve Jackson of QANTAS earlier in the week, he told me (when asked), that BAC is (and was), responsible for the CCTV in the immediate (exterior), public areas of Brisbane Airport. Alistair confirmed that to-day, but refused to give me any further info re who does what. He said I had to speak to his "Legal Department," so I asked him to put me through to them. He did, and I spoke to Jamie, who works (I assume), in David Thorpe's office. Anyway, David wasn't available, so Jamie took my contact details, and said (after I explained what I wanted), that someone would call me back.

So Julieanne, I very much look forward to getting the contact details of every security manager (and CEO), of every formal body in charge of airport CCTV (in all relevant areas), on the day Schapelle flew. That shouldn't be too difficult, or particularly "Secret" for that matter.

Once I have that info, every contact provided will get a raft of detailed and public questions. However, I'm pretty busy over the next few days, and I guess you (and everyone else), will hear from me again after Tuesday 17th August 2010, if an extremely sick (and innocent), woman is still banged up in a Bali hell hole.

Regards, Kim