Saturday, August 14, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Corrupt Little Shits

Insulting a scumbag like Tom Allard is no use. It's water of a duck's back, even though his latest article about Schapelle is full of lies, smears and omissions. You're not a journalist Allard. You're a prostitute with a pen - as well as Monday's forgotten bin liner, unlike the women's magazines (which hang round for years). They thought the grave doubts about Schapelle's "Guilt" were a damn sight more important than Australia's first woman Prime Minister (in the same week Gillard announced the news). So here's another poll for you to chew on (from Woman's Day, in April 2010).

And from now on Allard, all access is denied, because you lie to your sources, and ruthlessly exploit vulnerability.

First, the lies, smear and omissions, next, fighting fire with fire.

Lies . . .

Lie 1 - ". . . the 2004 importation of more than four kilograms of high-grade cannabis"

The cannabis in Schapelle's bag was never forensically tested re it's quality, or anything else for that matter, even though she begged for this testing, to clear her name. Here's the proof. Allard is writing shit.

Lie 2 - "But, as more emerged about the case over the years, that sentiment has turned."

Not a single "Fact" has ever "Emerged" that links Schapelle with the drugs found in her bag, and I openly challenge slime-ball Allard to provide one. I won't hold my breath.

Smear . . .

Well, we all know what a "Great" job the Australian media did, re protecting the interests of the Northern Territory tourist trade, and damning an innocent woman to hell, don't we? And we all completely "Trust" Allard's Indonesian "Prison sources" don't we? The ones who pour scorn on Schapelle. You know, the same people who set free most of the terrorists who murdered and maimed innocent people? And the same people who extorted many thousands of dollars from Australian citizen Robert McJannett? Which country are you working for Allard?

Omissions . . .

No mention of the refusal of the Indonesian police to weigh Schapelle's bags, to compare it to the Brisbane check-in weight.

No mention of the refusal of the Indonesian police to forensically test the drugs for plant source, human DNA and fingerprints.

No mention of the mysterious destruction of every frame of CCTV (from four airports), that could have cleared Schapelle.

No mention of zero Australian police investigation in to the source of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag. No search of her home, no investigation of her phone & banking records. No interviews with family and friends.

No mention that marijuana sells for a pittance in Bali, compared to Australia - there was no motive for Schapelle to "Smuggle" it there. Proof is the fact no Australian, before or since, has been charged or convicted with this crime, because it's insane.

No mention of QANTAS drug smuggling, on the very day Schapelle flew.

No mention of the Macquarie Bank connection.

No mention of The Wheeler Report, which damned Australian airport security to hell.

Fighting fire with fire . . . here's what's on the cards if Schapelle is not set free . . .

  • Every formal Australian airport body (including the Australian Federal Police, and the Minister responsible for them, cc the Prime Minister), that did not preserve the CCTV relating to Schapelle (or her luggage), will receive a comprehensive set of public questions re their failure. These questions will be circulated globally, through Facebook, through letters to the press, through Grass roots activists, and through international press releases (combined with personal contacts with journalists) - and they will be relentlessly pursued.
  • Ditto more questions re why the sacked QANTAS baggage handlers were not charged
  • Ditto even more questions re the "Lost" airport CCTV relating to the millions of dollars worth of cocaine that was smuggled on the day Schapelle flew (by corrupt insiders).
  • Ditto questions about the complete failure of the Australian police to investigate the source of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag.
  • There will be 50 Facebook posts a day, relating to a boycott of QANTAS. Here's just the start. Enjoy the slide show.
  • A new, soon to be released film about the corruption that led to the jailing of an innocent woman will go both national, and global.
  • Thousands and thousands of flyers will distributed weekly, throughout Australia. Here's a taster, and here's another, re the shocking release of most of the Bali terrorists.
  • There will be full-page ads placed in key local newspapers.
  • This info will also be distributed in work places (on notice boards).
  • There will be civil court action against QANTAS, the AFP and the Queensland Police (for negligence), and against the ABC for defammation.