Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Fear of Flying

Let's get some common sense basics straight. The travelling public has a major fear, plus one basic, and very reasonable, expectation. They're terrified of arriving in some third-world hell hole with drugs in their case, placed there by corrupt insiders, while their property was trusted to others.

And the "Reasonable expectation"? They want all associated security services to act at the speed of light, and preserve every shred of physical evidence immediately.

On this count, both Australia, and its national carrier, QANTAS, are miserable and dangerous failures. So from now on, this appalling breach of trust and duty will ring out loud and clear on the international stage, because as long as Schapelle remains incarcerated, she stays a clear focus of outrage and news.

Activists from all around the globe - including the members and admins of these international Facebook groups, are, as I type, collating/cultivating media contacts, arranging press releases, brainstorming creative local actions (how many international offices do you have QANTAS?), and generally spreading the word. There's a massive tide coming your way Alan . . . including a tide of public questions.

PS - 4 years more, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald of the 18th August 2010, equals a massive amount of damage to the reputation of QANTAS, and others who rely on the tourist dollar. Watch this space (scroll down to "Fighting Fire with Fire"). And it's unlikely Schapelle will survive another 4 years - unlike these terrorists and scroats, WHO ARE ALREADY OUT