Friday, August 20, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Former QANTAS CEO Geoff Dixon, Corrupt, Indifferent or Dumb?

Former QANTAS CEO Geoff Dixon is now the CEO of Tourism Australia, though quite honestly, in view of the above, I wouldn't trust him with the care of my cat. And I'm sending him this blog post, at that address, just to make sure he knows it. If I get lucky, he might even answer some questions . . .

When his paying passenger Schapelle Corby (a woman with no criminal convictions), was arrested in bizarre circumstances Bali, after a flight from Sydney, with 4.2 kg of marijuana found in her bag, this very, very well paid gentleman, failed to pick up the phone (straight away), and order the immediate preservation of every relevant frame of airport CCTV. Instead, every single frame, from three airports, was trashed - and when Schapelle's mother Rosleigh begged staff to search the footage, she was point-blank told no-one had "The time."

What was the problem Geoff? What were you thinking of? This is every passenger's worst nightmare. Wasn't the story high profile enough for you? Or were you hiding under a rock some where? Or were you just too plain dumb and stupid (corrupt?), to make the connection with your sacked baggage handlers, allegedly smuggling millions of dollars worth of drugs, on the day Schapelle flew? You'd known about them for months. Duh.

So in other words, despite having full knowledge of your dodgy staff, you trashed every frame of airport CCTV that could have cleared an innocent tourist, and put those scroats in the slammer for a very long time. They got off scot free, NO charges. What was the problem Geoff? Weren't you keen on the hard evidence coming out in court? Didn't you want to wash your dirty knickers in public? So how bloody convenient was it that all the airport film got flushed down the toilet (metaphorically speaking)?

And as for the "Bizarre" circumstances of Schapelle's arrest (which should have set off multiple alarms in the QANTAS hierarchy), no Australian ever (before or since), has smuggled marijuana from Australia to Bali, for the perfectly sane reason the weed is worth peanuts over there, compared to this country. It's a crazy proposition, despite Matthew Moore's crap journalism at The Sydney Morning Herald (formal complaint the The Australian Press Council pending, for fraudulent reporting).

So tell me Geoff, can you please explain your gross failure, and the gross failure of QANTAS? Because the World is watching . . .