Friday, August 27, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The QANTAS Facebook (over 22,000 members)

But I am sharing a travel experience, I'm sharing Schapelle's travel experience. She was a paying QANTAS customer, who checked in with QANTAS Airlines at Brisbane domestic airport WITHOUT 4.2 kg of marijuana in her bag, and ended up in Bali WITH 4.2 kg of marijuana in it. But when she begged QANTAS for the CCTV footage to prove this, QANTAS trashed every single frame, from Brisbane & Sydney Domestic airports, and Sydney International.

Further, how an earth does wiping every single frame of airport CCTV, pertinent to Schapelle and/or her luggage, translate into "QANTAS co-operated fully with all police investigations"? How bizarre is that? Sounds more like blatant obstruction to me - so of course "No evidence" was found, because QANTAS destroyed it all . . . Do you deny it?

Schapelle also begged former Australian Federal Police Chief Mick Keelty's mates in Bali . . .

"The Indonesian and Australian sides of Operation Alliance are a virtual mirror image. Just as Mr Keelty recognised the cultural significance of appointing the Indonesian-exposed Mr Ashton, that move was replicated, in a sense, by officials in Jakarta with their posting of General Pastika, who is a personal friend of Mr Keelty, with family in Australia." Link HERE

. . . to weigh her luggage, to compare it with the Brisbane check-in weight. That would have (without doubt), have pointed the finger at any corrupt insiders straight away, but Mick's friends refused - just like they refused to test the drugs for plant source, finger prints and human DNA, and then burnt the evidence. Really weird that. What do you reckon they had to hide?

So to continue, to this day, your corporation has not provided any explanation for this CCTV "Vanishing act," which was pretty damn convenient, considering this "Loss" condemned Schapelle, and allowed your employees to carry out potentially criminal acts unseen, and unmonitored.

This is not the "Service" your customers expect. When they're facing 20 years in the slammer, or even the firing squad, they expect the airline they travelled with to cough up the security footage pronto. Is there anything you don't understand about that?

So tell me QANTAS (now you're here in conversation), what is your explanation for "Losing" every single frame of CCTV, from three Australian airport, on the the same day millions of dollars worth drugs entered Australia, via your airline? Do you have an alibi? Because your Security Chief Steve Jackson couldn't give me one. There are possibly 22,000 people reading this thread, so why don't you tell them too? I'm sure they'd be very interested to know . . . and by the way, who was the QANTAS baggage handler who had to go "On leave," was he one of the ones you sacked . . . any answers on that?

"The travel arrangements for Tyler and a second courier, Ryan Chandler, were made by North's friend Ian Chalmers. However, things did not go according to plan and the cocaine North had planned to buy was sold to others because of the delay. On top of that there was a problem with the syndicate's main baggage handler, who was set to go on leave on May 17. The syndicate therefore decided the shipment would go ahead on May 4."

Full article HERE

And another question QANTAS, why did you sack the baggage handlers, if they were not involved in illegal activity? And why were they not charged, given the cocaine that (without doubt), entered Australia that day (via your airline), could not have done so without inside help? Or do criminals routinely smuggle millions of dollars worth of drugs, knowing that every QANTAS employee is honest, and that their extremely valuable haul has every chance of going down the gurgler? I don't think so . . . that's insane, and defies all logic.

And why did Ian Robert Chalmers specify that the drugs had to come in to Australia via QANTAS? What do you reckon? Did he just like the in-flight meals?

I think it's time to FOI all these court documents, and then start asking shit loads of very pointed questions, and make every single one of them public . . .

So tell you what QANTAS, when you cough up a reasonable explanation, re why you "Lost" all the airport CCTV (every single frame), I'll stop posting info to your 22,000 Facebook Fans. That sounds like a reasonable deal. Though I reckon you'll have a lot more to worry about than Facebook pages, when the Global media pick up on these legitimate questions too . . .