Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Radio 2ST in Nowra, NSW, think Schapelle's innocent.

Click on the pic below to enlarge & read. Blog notes below.

Looks like word is getting round. Radio 2ST (in Nowra, NSW - Federal Seat of Gilmore), seems to think Schapelle is innocent, and posted the above news on Wednesday 4th August 2010, which included the link to this article about drug smuggling in the Australian Federal Police.

I wonder if they read my comments (published earlier in the day), posted to Radio 3AW:

"Every frame of CCTV Schapelle begged for "Vanished." Police refused forensic testing of the drugs & refused to weigh her bags in Bali (to compare with Qld check-in weight). Aussie police did NOT search her home, investigate her phone & banking records, or interview her associates. Why? Google Ray Cooper AFP, & go to the 1st link for a hint."