Sunday, August 22, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Time for Justice, Time for a Royal Commission

Australia's election is on a knife edge, it's well beyond time for all the hackneyed players to realise the people have spoken loud and clear. They're sick of politicians, and have zero trust. This is a resounding defeat for both the ALP and the LNP. The message? A pox on both your houses, a major swing to the Greens, and Independents holding the balance of power.

In contrast, the thirst for truth and justice has never been higher - and Schapelle's incarceration is merely the public face of some fundamental rot, and it's time for a public cleansing.

Her clemency application is one extremely urgent issue, but it no way precludes rooting out the home-grown (Australian), filth and lies that led to the jailing of an innocent tourist. And here's the urgency for a domestic investigation . . . in twenty one key points . . .
  • 61% of Fairfax readers want her home NOW
  • This New Idea article headlined major doubts about the safety Schapelle's conviction, in the same week Julia Gillard became this country's first female Prime Minister. Schapelle's issues were prioritised. New Idea is read by over 1.5 million Australian women.
  • This ongoing (global), Facebook campaign will continue to excoriate QANTAS - adding a potential audience of 30 million each week, and there will also be outreach to the global media (news print, TV, radio, T-shirts & mugs). Why were the sacked baggage handlers never charged, and why did the airline "Lose" every frame of CCTV, on the same day their staff allegedly smuggled millions of dollars worth of drugs . . . ?
  • Why was the Australian source of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag never investigated?
  • Flyers like this are not good for bi-lateral relations, and resonate strongly with major sections of the population.
  • Public outreach will target all areas, but with particular regard to key spots.
  • This You Tube production about Schapelle has been seen by over 56,000 people, with the numbers rising every day.
  • Over 50,000 people have signed petitions to free Schapelle, with the numbers rising every day.