Thursday, September 30, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Julia Gillard, Any Comment on Why Australian Tax Payers Gave a Corrupt QANTAS Worker $800,000?

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Schapelle Corby & QANTAS Corruption Via Facebook

This evening, in just five clicks of a button, this short message about criminal QANTAS baggage handlers was within easy reach of 205,630 members of the flying public (with, very conservatively, at least 50 "Friends" each), in the front-page Facebook comments thread:
(Note as of Wednesday 6th Oct 2010, this list has expanded to 20 key Facebook pages, with a mean average membership of over 70,000 each, and a total membership of 1,476,519. Every day from now on, one of these pages, each in turn, will be updated with info about "The QANTAS Cover-Up," as will the QANTAS page).
Check out this scorching new book, yet to hit the stores, "The QANTAS Cover-Up." Innocent passengers used as drug mules to smuggle kilos of cocaine, while baggage handlers with extensive criminal histories walk free. Does keeping corrupt staff out of court save the corporate face, at customer expense?
Screen grabs preserved here:

And yes QANTAS, all the paper work (faxed to-day), re this Freedom of Information request (to the Australian Federal Police), re your criminal baggage handlers, will be reproduced (graphically), in the coming book - along with the outcome.

And here's a tip for all concerned, the truth is the truth, as well as a razor sharp tool. It's like the weather, death and gravity, it can't be avoided - and the longer Schapelle stays in that stinking hell hole, the nastier the wounds (for those who run from it). They're already in deep shit, their only choice is in how much deeper they want to go.

PS - 1st October 2010, reaching another 348,254 airline passengers (and their friends?):

PS - 6th October 2010, reaching another 922,635 airline passengers (and their friends?):

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Criminal QANTAS Baggage Handlers/FOI Application

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Letter to the AFP, re the above:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please see this attached FOI form. I believe the application is in the public interest, and does not pertain to my personal issues.

On the 8th of October 2004 (the same day Schapelle Corby flew with Australia's national airline), QANTAS baggage handlers at Sydney Airport were involved in smuggling 10 kg of cocaine, in the luggage of an innocent QANTAS passenger - unless (of course), the drugs sprouted legs (and a mind of their own), and walked into the country of their own accord. Further, QANTAS baggage handler "Tom" had an extensive criminal history, and a known history of trafficking in marijuana (as well as other drugs). However, no QANTAS baggage handlers were ever charged with this crime. This is in sharp contrast with the UK, where they tend to reward corrupt baggage handlers with long jail terms, not buckets of cash.

Therefore, I think the Australian public deserve to know what formal investigations the AFP carried out, in relation to all the QANTAS baggage handlers on duty (Brisbane & Sydney), on the 8th of October 2004 - plus all AFP investigations relating to QANTAS security manager Alan Conwell, plus all AFP investigations relating to to any other (potentially), corrupt airline staff working on that key day.

Please supply me with any and all AFP documentation (and records), relating to those key investigations. I also assume relevant CCTV footage would have been a key element in your necessary inquires.

Regards, Kim

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Government Pays QANTAS Criminal $800,000

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"The High Court said that, in early 2005, Crime Commission head Phil Bradley approved the operation and that Standen, then an assistant director, authorised an informant - code-named Tom - to sell six kilograms of cocaine to alleged drug dealers in exchange for immunity from prosecution. The drugs were from 10 kilograms imported into Australia in October 2004 by a drug syndicate headed by the late underworld figure Michael Hurley, who used corrupt Qantas baggage handlers at Sydney Airport. Tom had worked for the Hurley drug syndicate but was arrested by the commission after selling three kilograms of the imported cocaine and burying the rest in bushland near Wahroonga. The High Court said the controlled operation led to the arrest of four men who allegedly bought the cocaine from Tom. But none of the drugs were recovered and NSW Police and the Crime Commission accepted they would never be found." Link HERE
On the same day Schapelle flew, "Tom," a criminal QANTAS baggage handler (from 10th para), with a long and well documented history of law breaking, including the trafficking of marijuana, was involved in secreting drugs in the luggage of innocent passengers, at Sydney Airport. Not only was he (or any of his colleagues), ever charged, he got an $800,000 bonus, curtesy of the Australian tax payer, and was allowed to keep around three quarters of a million dollars he claimed to have earned "Honestly."

And guess what? The cocaine stashed in the tourist's bag on the 8th of October 2004 was obviously a special Australian brand, capable of thinking for itself, and growing legs, because it entered Australia of its own volition. Not only was the tourist "Innocent," according to those Keystone Cops fondly known as The Australian Federal Police, so were all the QANTAS baggage handlers.

However, in contrast with the banana republic down under, they tend to do things differently in the UK when it comes to corrupt baggage handlers. They don't throw buckets of cash at them, they jail them. Maybe Brendan O'Connor should send Tony Negus over to Old Blighty, for a few weeks of re-training? He obviously needs it.

So I guess protecting "Tom's" well-cushioned criminal backside (and the criminal backsides of other QANTAS baggage handlers, with extensive police records), was much higher priority than preserving the crucial physical evidence that would have cleared Schapelle. Goodness knows what those tapes would have shown. How lucky for QANTAS's reputation that the AFP doesn't know a "Professional Standard" from its backside.

Even convicted sex offenders get jobs at QANTAS, then continue merrily on with their sick crimes. And the deviant culture of their baggage handlers (at the time of Schapelle's arrest), is clearly shown in this incident. Such an open and blatant crime was only possible because the perpetrator was confident his colleagues wouldn't "Dob" him in. Unfortunately, he was spotted by the victim. Bummer.

My oh my, what a scorching tome this will be. Ready for it QANTAS?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Complaint to The Australian Federal Police, via Their Professional Standards Dept.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to make some formal complaints about the conduct of the Australian Federal Police, as regards their lack of professional standards and integrity, vis a vis the Schapelle Corby issues.

Firstly, I wish to complain that the Australian Federal Police lied to the media about Schapelle, specifically in relation to this ABC 7.30 Report (and AFP claims she "Refused" forensic testing of the drugs found in her bag), on the 30th January 2006. Here's a quote from that programme:
JOHN STEWART: But a DNA comparison is unlikely to happen. The Australian Federal Police have told the ABC's investigative unit that when the AFP offered to forensically test Schapelle Corby's boogie board bag and its contents, her lawyers rejected the offer. When the Australian Federal Police explained to Schapelle Corby's lawyers that any result from the testing for fingerprints inside the bag or DNA testing of the marijuana would also be passed onto the Indonesian police, her lawyers declined the offer to carry out the tests. We approached the AFP to ask if they were investigating the relationship between Michael Corby and the neighbour accused of cultivating a substantial amount of cannabis, and whether this had any connection to Schapelle Corby's case. The AFP declined to comment saying, it's a matter for the Queensland State police. Late today, the Queensland Police said: "Unfortunately, it's not possible to provide information on individuals without appropriate lawful reason. There was no other person connected with the charges which are subject to the upcoming court matters. As these matters are before the court, it is not appropriate to comment further."
And I've enclosed an official certificate from the Australian Consulate in Bali that proves Schapelle begged for this testing to go ahead, plus I've enclosed an extract from her book (re this issue). However, all her pleas for forensic testing were ignored.

So I've also enclosed the media report which documents the destruction of this evidence without any testing allowed by the Indonesian authorities. Further still, will the AFP please note that it's not usual (in any jurisdiction I know of), for the accused to "Have a say" on whether or not physical evidence is forensically tested. The notion is bizarre. What next? Murderers vetoing tests of the bloody knife? So what planet the AFP was on, re those false claims to the ABC, is quite beyond me.

Will you please investigate who (in the AFP), made those false and malicious claims about Schapelle, and produce a report on this incident, taking into account the material I've now sent you.

Secondly, I wish to make a formal complaint re AFP failure to secure a single frame of CCTV (relating to either Schapelle or her luggage), from the three Australian terminals she travelled through, despite a well known and well documented history of internal corruption (vis a vis QANTAS baggage handlers).

In support of that, I'm enclosing a press article, containing this AFP quote (Sydney Morning Herald, March 5, 2005):
Federal police say "it is a recognised criminal activity" for drug dealers to use innocent travellers as unsuspecting "mules". They have arrested baggage handlers at Sydney Airport for the offence. Drugs are inserted in luggage at one airport and a photograph of the target bag and its tag are emailed to the destination airport, where baggage handlers recover the drugs before the passenger collects the bag.
Plus I'm also enclosing press articles relating to QANTAS baggage handlers Michael Speechley, Scott Camilleri and Easton Barrington James.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Kim

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Gillard's Government Gets a Starring Role in the Scorching New Book

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Julia, you should really start paying Brendan enough money to answer his phones to the public. When I rang him on Thursday 23rd September 2010 (around 11.30am), all I got was a voicemail message saying his office was unable to answer calls (for some unexplained reason). When I rang your office to find out why, the very nice and helpful lady on reception couldn't get through to him either, and didn't know why he wasn't picking up.

Anyway, she said she'd give him a message. I told her I'd sent Brendan this fax over three months ago (asking him why every single frame of Australian airport CCTV "Vanished" on the day Schapelle flew, Sydney Airport section, para 5). Not only had he failed to answer, he hadn't even acknowledged the question. I went on to explain this might get a bit embarrassing for him when the book comes out, with a very graphic re-production of the aforementioned fax, alongside a picture of him (and his boss).

Perhaps it's a bit difficult to explain why every single frame of airport CCTV went up in smoke, in the wake of a major security incident (see questions 12, 13 & 14 to QANTAS, which they're point-blank refusing to answer). This "Loss" happened at the exact same time QANTAS baggage handlers were under investigation for drug smuggling between domestic airports (later convicted) - and the airline employed criminal baggage handlers, with a graphic and well known history of drug offences. I reckon it's completely suss (especially as QANTAS later lied about this history), and I also reckon many thousands of new readers will agree with me when the new book flies off the shelves faster than marbles in an earthquake.

And another thing, did you know Australia does not have this UK crime:

Gang used corrupt baggage handlers to import drug haul

14 July 2010

The final four in a gang of seven have been found guilty at Croydon Crown Court of a plot to import £4.5 million of cocaine by using corrupt baggage handlers at London’s Heathrow airport.

Mark Oliver, 29, Michael Hopkins, 51, Malcolm Bax, 32 and Anthony Robinson, 46, were part of a gang that hired baggage workers at Heathrow airport to help smuggle 12kg of cocaine into the country from Brazil.

Three other members of the gang, Anthony Rouse, 53, Charles Oliver, 28 and Anthony Cenci, 24, had previously pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court.
Because even though a cocaine importation occurred at Sydney Airport, via QANTAS Airlines, on the same day Schapelle flew, The Australian, 12 May 2005 (and all the CCTV cameras were working perfectly), and police said this crime was not possible without corrupt baggage handlers, guess what? Brendan's also refusing to say why all the footage re that offence went up in smoke too, and why no Australian baggage handlers were ever charged. I wonder if Easton Barrington James has any answers?

You know what? I reckon Schapelle was shafted by the-powers-that-be for the exact same reasons Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers ended up dead, and senior public servant Allan Kessing was cleaned out of his retirement funds. Obviously, nothing has changed in the Land Down Under since a broken and desperate mother was sent down for murder, as Lindy Chamberlain (herself), graphically pointed out . . .
"Seeing your verdict and the reaction to it made me feel like I had been kicked all over again,"
Australia's a banana republic, ruled by organised crime.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Schapelle Corby - "The QANTAS Cover-Up" Graphic Book Promotion page

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Telling 23,801 QANTAS Fans the Truth

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Oprah's Visit to Australia (Via QANTAS) - A Letter

Dear Oprah,

Congratulations on your upcoming visit to Australia, you've chosen well. It's an extremely beautiful and ancient land.

I'm mum to three young adults, a nurse and resident in Mununjali Country, Yugambeh Region, South East Queensland. Though I'm not (myself), indigenous to this country, I honour the native owners. A friend and well known Yugambeh Elder tells me that nearby Mount Lindsay has a much older name, "The Women's Mountain," I hope you get to see it on your travels, and feel the presence of the ancestors. That massive form certainly resonates with me (very deeply), when I'm in its shadow.

My friend also told me something else, when I discussed the plight of someone's lost daughter with her, a child born and raised in this region. She said she would speak to the ancestors, and send her prayers to the wind - and as I've felt that awesome power myself in the gaze of her sacred space, it feels like the land itself is singing a daughter back to country.

Schapelle is dying in a Bali prison, for a crime she did not commit, while those who have the responsibility to answer the outstanding (and necessary), questions refuse to do so - and QANTAS remains silent about the criminals in its employ at the time of her arrest (scroll down to points 10, 11, 12 & 13 for links to the press reports).

Meanwhile Schapelle's loving sister Mercedes, and her Mother Rosleigh, are condemned to their own hell, powerless as she fades into madness.

Outrageously, QANTAS banned all advertising of Schapelle's book (when she was still well enough to have a voice), even though it was a best seller (no 3, right hand column). They have also banned all supportive information and comments about Schapelle from their Facebook page, although they allow insults to remain. I'm very much reminded of the way Australians treated Lindy Chamberlain, another gross injustice related to corporate greed. Baby-eating dingoes weren't good for state tourism, just as drug smuggling baggage handlers (scroll down for the press report, though there are many others), are a total downer for the Flying Kangaroo. Her's what Lindy wrote to Schapelle:

"Seeing your verdict and the reaction to it made me feel like I had been kicked all over again."

Even so, through everything, even now, Schapelle's spirit will not bend - and in this post, I likened her steely determination to the same mettle expressed by Harriet Tubman. I'm sure you've heard of that great lady, even though historians are inclined to ignore the female half of humanity.

Schapelle also has many supporters in America. Many of these 14,000 people live in your country, as do a great number of the 50,000 (plus), who have signed these petitions. And American singer Tara Hack even took Schapelle's case to the United Nations, via an outstanding protest song.

Oprah, Schapelle needs you. Will you see her for yourself? I'm also sure her many Australians supporters will be happy to say hullo personally when you alight in the Land Down Under. We'll see you at the airport, and in other locations (at your convenience) . . . just a very peaceful and polite bunch of women, desperate to right an injustice, with banners in tow.

Very best wishes, Kim

Schapelle Corby, QANTAS & Oprah . . .

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And here's the above info, with the live links:

Maybe when Oprah comes to Australia in December this year, she can ask QANTAS about their criminal baggage handlers (as documented in multiple mainstream press reports), and about all the questions they refuse to answer re security. In 2004, a QANTAS passenger was found with 4.2 kg of marijuana in her luggage, after flying from Australia to Bali (Indonesia). She was sentenced to 20 years. Even though she's still rotting in a third World hell hole, to this day, she vehemently maintains her innocence. Many Indonesian terrorists, sentenced for bombings in 2002/4/5 are now free. Here is a press article about her ("Weighing the Evidence" Sydney Morning Herald):

Here's a graphic synopsis:

Here are all the questions about security QANTAS point blank refuses to answer:

And here is information about the criminal baggage handlers at QANTAS (scroll down to numbered points 10, 11, 12 & 13, for links to the press reports):

And here's info about the freed terrorists (press report):

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Corruption Cops Under the Microscope

{Addit - While in the process of writing the below, an ACLEI officer rang me at home (thank you, much appreciated), and we had a long and fruitful conversation. He assured me that a genuine "Assessment" was (and is), in place. He listened respectfully, and talked a great deal of sense. I understand his problems (re the sensitivity of all information), and he (possibly), understood mine, re the necessity of putting a huge rocket behind the rear end of some moribund, corrupt, complacent and cruel actors/players in this saga. These are the people who have got so used to winning in a fixed game, they think their luck will hold out forever. Well, here's a message for them, so long as Schapelle is dying in a squalid Bali hell hole, they will never, ever rest. So thanks for that phone call ACLEI, it's a breath of fresh air to speak to someone in authority with intelligence and compassion (and that's a genuine remark). All I can do is trust you to do your job. Now, all I can do is carry on with mine . . . see below}.

Philip, I am sick and tired of your games. Please treat this as a formal Freedom of Information request. I have phoned your organisation at least five times (maybe six), over the last few days, asking for information on this process. Each time, the person who answered the phone didn't have a clue, and couldn't find anyone else who had a clue, and despite many promises someone would "Call me back," no-one ever has. Therefore, once you receive this please do one of two things, either accept this as a formal application, or contact me immediately re the processes of making a formal FOI application, so I can do so forthwith. Is that clear?

Briefly, I want any and all internal ACLEI documentation relating to the 16 week "Assessment" that Steven Hays rang me about recently, in relation to the complaint I initiated. Failing that (if this information would compromise your investigations), I want a start date, or an approximate time frame, re formal investigations. Are we looking at days, weeks, or months? That's not unreasonable. You've already had considerable time, and while there's an acute need for secrecy in any covert operation (understood), this must be balanced by public trust in your good faith. Or would you prefer Schapelle to die before you get your act together?

Now, here's some further information for you (from me), in numbered points. I expect any reply to re-iterate them (copy & paste), with your formal response beneath. This will prevent avoidance and confusion - and if your professional officers want to know where to start, it might give them some pointers.

1. Please ensure the Australian public gets full and comprehensive answers to these numbered questions. Both QANTAS and the AFP are point blank refusing to respond, and I don't have the formal authority to make them. You do.

2. Question 11 (to the Australian Federal Police), re the QANTAS baggage handlers getting off scot free (after massive cocaine importations), is very important, especially as some members of the Police appear to agree with me, and those officers have publicly underlined the point.

3. Question 16 (to the Australian Federal Police), refers to Mick Keelty's lies about Schapelle. When you come to investigating it, will you also (please), note one very basic, common sense point. Since when does the accused (in any jurisdiction), get to veto the examination (or otherwise), of forensic evidence relating to their case? The notion is bizarre. What next, murderers canning finger prints from the bloody knife? Obviously, Schapelle gave her full and unreserved permission, but why in hell was it needed anyway? Did the Indonesians ask her if they could burn the evidence too? I think not. They didn't need her "Permission" to do that, did they?

4. Bruce Griffin (paragraph 21), a former NSW drug squad detective, testified that some local drug traffickers (with the help of airport contacts), use the luggage of innocent passengers to move drug shipments between Australian cities - an accusation also echoed by Ray Cooper, former Chief of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police. Please make sure you talk to both former officers, and retain transcripts of these interviews.

5. I have put in a FOI application (to the Australian Federal Police). Please make sure you seek copies of the same information, and retain. If they are unable to provide this documentation, please investigate this issue further, and provide a written report.

6. Here is The Wheeler Report. Please note (page 111), Sir John Wheeler asserts cannabis is smuggled through Australian airports, and he makes comments about the corruption of airline employees in this endeavour. Please interview Sir John Wheeler about these assertions, and retain the transcript.

7. Please note this press report, re the smuggling of large amounts of cannabis between Australian domestic airports, as well as this one.

8. Please note that "Tom" (as identified by Clive Small), also trafficked in cannabis (paragraph 4, here) - and as Clive Small explains, "Tom" was associated with Shayne Hatfield (paragraph 5), one of the criminals responsible for this cocaine importation (via QANTAS Airlines, Sydney Airport), on the day Schapelle flew.

9. Please also locate (and interview), Steve and Dee (page 2), innocent Australian tourists who found a large amount of cannabis in their luggage, after travelling from Australia to Bali.

10. Please note this document, especially pages 4 & 5, re the corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers (smuggling drugs between domestic airports), identified during the course of "Operation Precipice." Please note those pages also refer to a Kevin Geraghty, given a prominent mention in this shocking press article Airport Security Gaps Exposed.

11. Please investigate these three QANTAS baggage handlers, employed at Sydney Airport (at the time Schapelle flew), who were charged with drug smuggling offences in relation to their work. I believe (you will need to confirm), that two were acquited, and one was sentenced.

12. Please investigate this further criminal QANTAS baggage handler (drug dealer), and obtain the electronic surveillance records. He was employed at Sydney Domestic Airport at the time Schapelle flew, with full security clearance. Another press article about him is reproduced here. And while you're at it, could you possibly ask Steve Jackson why he told me no QANTAS baggage handlers were ever charged with drug-related offences? Because when I ring his office to inquire, his staff put the phone down on me.

13. And here's (yet another), criminal QANTAS baggage handler at Sydney Airport you will need to investigate (again, employed at the time Schapelle flew). I've also detailed more information about him here.

14. You will also need to investigate the activity and responsibilities of Tony Conwell, former QANTAS Security Manager, sacked for his connections to Michael Hurley, who was involved in the cocaine importation on the day Schapelle flew. More info on Hurley here.

I think all that might be enough to get on with for now, though Philip, please don't forget the book waiting in the wings, the upcoming magazine articles (potential inside spread/summary here), and the ongoing Facebook project.

Schapelle Corby - Well Known Convicted Drug Dealer was a QANTAS Porter at Sydney's Domestic Terminal, with Access to Baggage

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Schapelle Corby - The QANTAS Cover-Up, The Book of the Decade

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Alan and Steve, just wondering when you two jokers will get your sorry backsides into gear, and address the questions? Will it be before the above hits the bookshelves, or after? It's a volume in waiting (currently under contract), and that's a promise . . .