Thursday, September 23, 2010

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Complaint to The Australian Federal Police, via Their Professional Standards Dept.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to make some formal complaints about the conduct of the Australian Federal Police, as regards their lack of professional standards and integrity, vis a vis the Schapelle Corby issues.

Firstly, I wish to complain that the Australian Federal Police lied to the media about Schapelle, specifically in relation to this ABC 7.30 Report (and AFP claims she "Refused" forensic testing of the drugs found in her bag), on the 30th January 2006. Here's a quote from that programme:
JOHN STEWART: But a DNA comparison is unlikely to happen. The Australian Federal Police have told the ABC's investigative unit that when the AFP offered to forensically test Schapelle Corby's boogie board bag and its contents, her lawyers rejected the offer. When the Australian Federal Police explained to Schapelle Corby's lawyers that any result from the testing for fingerprints inside the bag or DNA testing of the marijuana would also be passed onto the Indonesian police, her lawyers declined the offer to carry out the tests. We approached the AFP to ask if they were investigating the relationship between Michael Corby and the neighbour accused of cultivating a substantial amount of cannabis, and whether this had any connection to Schapelle Corby's case. The AFP declined to comment saying, it's a matter for the Queensland State police. Late today, the Queensland Police said: "Unfortunately, it's not possible to provide information on individuals without appropriate lawful reason. There was no other person connected with the charges which are subject to the upcoming court matters. As these matters are before the court, it is not appropriate to comment further."
And I've enclosed an official certificate from the Australian Consulate in Bali that proves Schapelle begged for this testing to go ahead, plus I've enclosed an extract from her book (re this issue). However, all her pleas for forensic testing were ignored.

So I've also enclosed the media report which documents the destruction of this evidence without any testing allowed by the Indonesian authorities. Further still, will the AFP please note that it's not usual (in any jurisdiction I know of), for the accused to "Have a say" on whether or not physical evidence is forensically tested. The notion is bizarre. What next? Murderers vetoing tests of the bloody knife? So what planet the AFP was on, re those false claims to the ABC, is quite beyond me.

Will you please investigate who (in the AFP), made those false and malicious claims about Schapelle, and produce a report on this incident, taking into account the material I've now sent you.

Secondly, I wish to make a formal complaint re AFP failure to secure a single frame of CCTV (relating to either Schapelle or her luggage), from the three Australian terminals she travelled through, despite a well known and well documented history of internal corruption (vis a vis QANTAS baggage handlers).

In support of that, I'm enclosing a press article, containing this AFP quote (Sydney Morning Herald, March 5, 2005):
Federal police say "it is a recognised criminal activity" for drug dealers to use innocent travellers as unsuspecting "mules". They have arrested baggage handlers at Sydney Airport for the offence. Drugs are inserted in luggage at one airport and a photograph of the target bag and its tag are emailed to the destination airport, where baggage handlers recover the drugs before the passenger collects the bag.
Plus I'm also enclosing press articles relating to QANTAS baggage handlers Michael Speechley, Scott Camilleri and Easton Barrington James.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Kim