Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Gillard's Government Gets a Starring Role in the Scorching New Book

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Julia, you should really start paying Brendan enough money to answer his phones to the public. When I rang him on Thursday 23rd September 2010 (around 11.30am), all I got was a voicemail message saying his office was unable to answer calls (for some unexplained reason). When I rang your office to find out why, the very nice and helpful lady on reception couldn't get through to him either, and didn't know why he wasn't picking up.

Anyway, she said she'd give him a message. I told her I'd sent Brendan this fax over three months ago (asking him why every single frame of Australian airport CCTV "Vanished" on the day Schapelle flew, Sydney Airport section, para 5). Not only had he failed to answer, he hadn't even acknowledged the question. I went on to explain this might get a bit embarrassing for him when the book comes out, with a very graphic re-production of the aforementioned fax, alongside a picture of him (and his boss).

Perhaps it's a bit difficult to explain why every single frame of airport CCTV went up in smoke, in the wake of a major security incident (see questions 12, 13 & 14 to QANTAS, which they're point-blank refusing to answer). This "Loss" happened at the exact same time QANTAS baggage handlers were under investigation for drug smuggling between domestic airports (later convicted) - and the airline employed criminal baggage handlers, with a graphic and well known history of drug offences. I reckon it's completely suss (especially as QANTAS later lied about this history), and I also reckon many thousands of new readers will agree with me when the new book flies off the shelves faster than marbles in an earthquake.

And another thing, did you know Australia does not have this UK crime:

Gang used corrupt baggage handlers to import drug haul

14 July 2010

The final four in a gang of seven have been found guilty at Croydon Crown Court of a plot to import £4.5 million of cocaine by using corrupt baggage handlers at London’s Heathrow airport.

Mark Oliver, 29, Michael Hopkins, 51, Malcolm Bax, 32 and Anthony Robinson, 46, were part of a gang that hired baggage workers at Heathrow airport to help smuggle 12kg of cocaine into the country from Brazil.

Three other members of the gang, Anthony Rouse, 53, Charles Oliver, 28 and Anthony Cenci, 24, had previously pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court.
Because even though a cocaine importation occurred at Sydney Airport, via QANTAS Airlines, on the same day Schapelle flew, The Australian, 12 May 2005 (and all the CCTV cameras were working perfectly), and police said this crime was not possible without corrupt baggage handlers, guess what? Brendan's also refusing to say why all the footage re that offence went up in smoke too, and why no Australian baggage handlers were ever charged. I wonder if Easton Barrington James has any answers?

You know what? I reckon Schapelle was shafted by the-powers-that-be for the exact same reasons Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers ended up dead, and senior public servant Allan Kessing was cleaned out of his retirement funds. Obviously, nothing has changed in the Land Down Under since a broken and desperate mother was sent down for murder, as Lindy Chamberlain (herself), graphically pointed out . . .
"Seeing your verdict and the reaction to it made me feel like I had been kicked all over again,"
Australia's a banana republic, ruled by organised crime.