Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Government Pays QANTAS Criminal $800,000

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"The High Court said that, in early 2005, Crime Commission head Phil Bradley approved the operation and that Standen, then an assistant director, authorised an informant - code-named Tom - to sell six kilograms of cocaine to alleged drug dealers in exchange for immunity from prosecution. The drugs were from 10 kilograms imported into Australia in October 2004 by a drug syndicate headed by the late underworld figure Michael Hurley, who used corrupt Qantas baggage handlers at Sydney Airport. Tom had worked for the Hurley drug syndicate but was arrested by the commission after selling three kilograms of the imported cocaine and burying the rest in bushland near Wahroonga. The High Court said the controlled operation led to the arrest of four men who allegedly bought the cocaine from Tom. But none of the drugs were recovered and NSW Police and the Crime Commission accepted they would never be found." Link HERE
On the same day Schapelle flew, "Tom," a criminal QANTAS baggage handler (from 10th para), with a long and well documented history of law breaking, including the trafficking of marijuana, was involved in secreting drugs in the luggage of innocent passengers, at Sydney Airport. Not only was he (or any of his colleagues), ever charged, he got an $800,000 bonus, curtesy of the Australian tax payer, and was allowed to keep around three quarters of a million dollars he claimed to have earned "Honestly."

And guess what? The cocaine stashed in the tourist's bag on the 8th of October 2004 was obviously a special Australian brand, capable of thinking for itself, and growing legs, because it entered Australia of its own volition. Not only was the tourist "Innocent," according to those Keystone Cops fondly known as The Australian Federal Police, so were all the QANTAS baggage handlers.

However, in contrast with the banana republic down under, they tend to do things differently in the UK when it comes to corrupt baggage handlers. They don't throw buckets of cash at them, they jail them. Maybe Brendan O'Connor should send Tony Negus over to Old Blighty, for a few weeks of re-training? He obviously needs it.

So I guess protecting "Tom's" well-cushioned criminal backside (and the criminal backsides of other QANTAS baggage handlers, with extensive police records), was much higher priority than preserving the crucial physical evidence that would have cleared Schapelle. Goodness knows what those tapes would have shown. How lucky for QANTAS's reputation that the AFP doesn't know a "Professional Standard" from its backside.

Even convicted sex offenders get jobs at QANTAS, then continue merrily on with their sick crimes. And the deviant culture of their baggage handlers (at the time of Schapelle's arrest), is clearly shown in this incident. Such an open and blatant crime was only possible because the perpetrator was confident his colleagues wouldn't "Dob" him in. Unfortunately, he was spotted by the victim. Bummer.

My oh my, what a scorching tome this will be. Ready for it QANTAS?