Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Oprah's Visit to Australia (Via QANTAS) - A Letter

Dear Oprah,

Congratulations on your upcoming visit to Australia, you've chosen well. It's an extremely beautiful and ancient land.

I'm mum to three young adults, a nurse and resident in Mununjali Country, Yugambeh Region, South East Queensland. Though I'm not (myself), indigenous to this country, I honour the native owners. A friend and well known Yugambeh Elder tells me that nearby Mount Lindsay has a much older name, "The Women's Mountain," I hope you get to see it on your travels, and feel the presence of the ancestors. That massive form certainly resonates with me (very deeply), when I'm in its shadow.

My friend also told me something else, when I discussed the plight of someone's lost daughter with her, a child born and raised in this region. She said she would speak to the ancestors, and send her prayers to the wind - and as I've felt that awesome power myself in the gaze of her sacred space, it feels like the land itself is singing a daughter back to country.

Schapelle is dying in a Bali prison, for a crime she did not commit, while those who have the responsibility to answer the outstanding (and necessary), questions refuse to do so - and QANTAS remains silent about the criminals in its employ at the time of her arrest (scroll down to points 10, 11, 12 & 13 for links to the press reports).

Meanwhile Schapelle's loving sister Mercedes, and her Mother Rosleigh, are condemned to their own hell, powerless as she fades into madness.

Outrageously, QANTAS banned all advertising of Schapelle's book (when she was still well enough to have a voice), even though it was a best seller (no 3, right hand column). They have also banned all supportive information and comments about Schapelle from their Facebook page, although they allow insults to remain. I'm very much reminded of the way Australians treated Lindy Chamberlain, another gross injustice related to corporate greed. Baby-eating dingoes weren't good for state tourism, just as drug smuggling baggage handlers (scroll down for the press report, though there are many others), are a total downer for the Flying Kangaroo. Her's what Lindy wrote to Schapelle:

"Seeing your verdict and the reaction to it made me feel like I had been kicked all over again."

Even so, through everything, even now, Schapelle's spirit will not bend - and in this post, I likened her steely determination to the same mettle expressed by Harriet Tubman. I'm sure you've heard of that great lady, even though historians are inclined to ignore the female half of humanity.

Schapelle also has many supporters in America. Many of these 14,000 people live in your country, as do a great number of the 50,000 (plus), who have signed these petitions. And American singer Tara Hack even took Schapelle's case to the United Nations, via an outstanding protest song.

Oprah, Schapelle needs you. Will you see her for yourself? I'm also sure her many Australians supporters will be happy to say hullo personally when you alight in the Land Down Under. We'll see you at the airport, and in other locations (at your convenience) . . . just a very peaceful and polite bunch of women, desperate to right an injustice, with banners in tow.

Very best wishes, Kim