Thursday, September 30, 2010

Schapelle Corby & QANTAS Corruption Via Facebook

This evening, in just five clicks of a button, this short message about criminal QANTAS baggage handlers was within easy reach of 205,630 members of the flying public (with, very conservatively, at least 50 "Friends" each), in the front-page Facebook comments thread:
(Note as of Wednesday 6th Oct 2010, this list has expanded to 20 key Facebook pages, with a mean average membership of over 70,000 each, and a total membership of 1,476,519. Every day from now on, one of these pages, each in turn, will be updated with info about "The QANTAS Cover-Up," as will the QANTAS page).
Check out this scorching new book, yet to hit the stores, "The QANTAS Cover-Up." Innocent passengers used as drug mules to smuggle kilos of cocaine, while baggage handlers with extensive criminal histories walk free. Does keeping corrupt staff out of court save the corporate face, at customer expense?
Screen grabs preserved here:

And yes QANTAS, all the paper work (faxed to-day), re this Freedom of Information request (to the Australian Federal Police), re your criminal baggage handlers, will be reproduced (graphically), in the coming book - along with the outcome.

And here's a tip for all concerned, the truth is the truth, as well as a razor sharp tool. It's like the weather, death and gravity, it can't be avoided - and the longer Schapelle stays in that stinking hell hole, the nastier the wounds (for those who run from it). They're already in deep shit, their only choice is in how much deeper they want to go.

PS - 1st October 2010, reaching another 348,254 airline passengers (and their friends?):

PS - 6th October 2010, reaching another 922,635 airline passengers (and their friends?):