Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Rule of Law in Australia

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Now Australia has a Government again, maybe we can get back to the business of governing? And first off the starting block, how about a really fundamental issue, like whether or not the rule of law still exists in this country? Because that's what this is all about. It's as basic, and as dramatic, as that.

Boys (and girls), the bleeding obvious cannot be ignored for very much longer. The questions are in-your-face, startlingly clear, and they won't go away. This complaint to ACLEI has been shelved for 16 weeks, Brendan O'Connor won't even acknowledge this question, and both QANTAS and the Australian Federal Police are point blank refusing to respond to these absolutely basic points. Is this a modern democracy, or a banana republic?

Yesterday, Steven Hayward, the Executive Director of ACLEI rang me at home. He said my complaint was still under "Assessment" (after 16 weeks), with absolutely no time frame to begin an investigation, and zero further detail. He also asked me if I'd spoken to Ray Cooper, I said I hadn't, but I hoped he had. The silence was deafening.

I also filled Steven Hayward in on the QANTAS check-in clerk debacle, and I was thoroughly amazed when (at first), he asked me what that had to do with anything, and he didn't appear to have a clue re the facts. Thankfully, the penny dropped after it was carefully explained. Julia, can I have a job at ACLEI please? They seem to need a refresher in the basics, either that, or I want a refund on my tax bill.

So (like most reasonable people), I assume an "Assessment" lasting 16 weeks would have generated some formal documentation, so a "Right to Information" application is on its way, and a refusal tells its own story. Further still, there are multiple security, policing and drug experts the World over, who will (no doubt), have field day with these questions, and provide their considered and expert opinions. Though I guess that might leave Australia pretty red faced in the international arena when the books and magazine articles are published.