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Schapelle Corby,"TOM," The Keystone Cops (Whoops typo, should be "AFP") & A Formal Complaint to ACLEI

Dear Philip,

This is another formal complaint to ACLEI. Please treat it as such, and I look forward to a formal acknowledgement, plus a formal, written outline of your normal procedures and time frames for complaints (I assume those expected organisational protocols are in your policy manual, and if they're not, they should be). Five months of stone walling (re another complaint of mine), is neither acceptable or professional. If that's your standard, you might as well resign now, and donate your salary back to the tax payer.

I am asking you to investigate the Government payment of $800,000 to the career criminal/QANTAS baggage handler known as "Tom," working at Sydney Airport on the day Schapelle flew, who was also allowed to keep three quarters of a million dollars he claimed to have earned "Honestly," and never charged with any offence:

"He is identified only by the pseudonym Tom. In court documents revealed this week after police smashed the cocaine ring, he lurks as the character most likely to strike fear into the heart of a traveller.

He is not Hurley, notorious underworld figure, or another one of the accused - the high-flying former Macquarie Bank executive Ian Chalmers. Tom is someone rather less exotic but in a sense more sinister to the flying public: he was employed by Qantas at Sydney Airport. He may be there still, handling your bags." Sydney Morning Herald, 14 May 2005, Too Much Baggage.

"Tom is an indemnified witness who was paid $200,000 a year for four years. He was also allowed to keep around three quarters of a million dollars that he made ‘honestly’ through gambling." 9th paragraph
Please determine if this was "Normal/Routine" policy and procedure, or if this outrageous generosity with my tax dollars (and scant regard for public safety, re potential further offences), was motivated by a need to buy his silence, vis a vis his corrupt dealings with police:
"Arrested several times, Tom bribed police in the ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ to reduce or beat the charges and at other times bribed them for information they might have had about his activities or the activities of his associates." 6th paragraph
Further, please investigate (and report on), whether or not the AFP investigated "Tom's" connections to domestic (airport), cannabis smuggling on the 8th October 2004 (the day Schapelle flew out of Sydney Airport). Please note:

"As well as cannabis, Tom trafficked in ecstasy and cocaine" 5th paragraph

As Sir John Wheeler noted (page 111), cannabis is (and was), trafficked through domestic Australian airports, via corrupt insiders.

I assume you've heard of Occam's Razor, which says (in essence), the simplest explanation is usually the right one. In other words, it takes an awful lot of convoluted and unlikely reasoning to explain why a young woman with no criminal history and no criminal profile, was the first person ever (before or since), to smuggle marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali (at a huge loss, given the drug sells for a pittance in Bali, compared to this country) - but it takes no great leap of logic to assume that long term scroat (and opportunistic QANTAS baggage handler), "Tom" accidentally missed his domestic marijuana shipment (using an innocent QANTAS passenger like Schapelle as a drug mule), while he was busy with a much more valuable international cocaine shipment (using an innocent QANTAS passenger like Gary Macdonald as a drug mule). Further, other Australian airline passengers, like Steve and Dee (5th paragraph, page 2), have found cannabis (that didn't belong to them), in their luggage after flying from Australia to Bali, and this secret Australian Customs report prepared by Customs Officer Caterina Magni in 2003 . . .

So to continue, as "Tom" was a long-term career criminal, the manager who checked his references and "Work history" at QANTAS (Tony Conwell?), has an awful lot of explaining to do. I doubt he joined for the pension benefits and long service leave. Quote:

"One of Hatfield’s distributors was a criminal in his mid twenties who has been given the pseudonym ‘Tom’ by law-enforcement authorities.

Tom has never held a job or had a legitimate income. He was a cannabis smoker at school and on leaving he quickly moved into the drug trade as a supplier. His progression from small-time dealer to large-scale trafficker was swift. He became part of a network aligned to an outlaw motorcycle gang whose drug operations were centred in Adelaide but spread to most states and territories of Australia.

As well as cannabis, Tom trafficked in ecstasy and cocaine. He carried a gun. Once he kidnapped another dealer who had ripped off his South Australian bikie drug suppliers and put him in a car for delivery to the Adelaide gang. Tom told a court that he never saw the drug dealer again but that he didn’t consider it a kidnapping because ‘He never asked to get out [of the boot].’

Arrested several times, Tom bribed police in the ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ to reduce or beat the charges and at other times bribed them for information they might have had about his activities or the activities of his associates. By 2000 Tom was selling cocaine supplied by Hatfield. Four years later he was a partner with Hatfield who had progressed to become one of Aunty’s major distributors.

In mid 2004 Aunty’s syndicate made another successful importation of around one tonne. Over six months Hatfield and Tom sold 200 kilograms of Aunty’s cocaine, most of which found its way onto the streets of Kings Cross and to the Bandidos outlaw motorcycle gang. Hatfield and Tom sold the 200 kilograms for around $30 million cash. Of that they paid Aunty $24 million and kept around $6 million for themselves." The Punch 6 June 2009, The Aussie Mother Behind a $30 Million Cocaine Deal, by Clive Small, former Assistant Commissioner to The NSW Police Force.

I look forward to hearing from you, re these very serious issues, and which (unfortunately), Brendan O'Connor is point blank refusing to acknowledge.

Regards, Kim

PS - All the above (and ACLEI responses), will be published in The QANTAS Cover Up

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Corrupt Country

This graphic illustration will be reproduced in The QANTAS Cover Up. The same QANTAS baggage crew dealing with Schapelle's luggage also used another QANTAS passenger as an innocent drug mule - same day, but they all escaped justice.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Schapelle Corby & A Dangerously Incompetent Customs: A Formal Professional Standards Complaint


Below, a formal complaint to Australian Customs, via their Professional Standards Department:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to lodge a formal, professional standards complaint with your organisation in relation to a very serious matter.

As is evident from this letter from your Director of Internal Affairs Geoff Lanham, to Fiona Drennan of the Australian Federal Police (the same woman who in March 2010 refused to take my call, and allowed her officer John Kooyam to slam the phone down on me mid-sentence, when I tried to report the export of $40,000 worth of marijuana from Australia, a Federal crime), Australian Customs were in receipt of more than one serious report, detailing major corruption and security breaches at our airports.

I am formally complaining that:
  • Customs completely failed to act on the dangerous problems identified in these reports, or address them in any way.
  • Customs actively suppressed these reports, as quoted from the ABC: Monica Attard: Let's just recap because a lot of our audience may not be aware of exactly what happened to you. You worked for customs, airport security and in that capacity you wrote two reports on the parlous state of airport security in Sydney. You indentified a number of very serious problems which essentially were ignored by your superiors, that is to say that there was no action taken on what you had put in these reports. Allan Kessing: Well I must say they weren't ignored, they were suppressed and they were suppressed for the most banal of reasons, the commercial cost to the privatized airport corporation. If they were ignored, that would be one thing and you could just say oh well that was a bad judgment call. But they were not ignored, they were actually suppressed and we were told why they were suppressed because of the commercial cost.
  • Customs failed to provide this vital evidence of internal drug smuggling (e.g. corrupt staff using the bags of innocent airline passengers to secrete contraband), to the appropriate people, so it could be used in the defence of an Australian woman fighting for her life in a foreign land. In other words, I'm accusing you of being more concerned about covering up the truth, than in saving someone's life. Let's face it (and as you well know), there is NO flow of commercial marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali (now or ever). So if Schapelle's arrest (in those bizarre circumstances), a woman with no criminal convictions, and no criminal profile, didn't ring multiple alarms in your organisation, the only explanation is either gross incompetence, or gross corruption.
I look forward to your formal response to this formal complaint. Please also note (for your interest), that this correspondence, and your reply, will be included in this publication - and ongoing info is circulated via Facebook. Here are Facebook galleries/lists one, two, three and four. Twenty galleries (32 themed major pages each), are in development. On completion, millions of people can be kept in the loop every 32 days, via twenty "Comments" per day (one per gallery, per day).

Also (just for your interest and information), a professional standards complaints has also been lodged with the Australian Federal Police, re their lies to the ABC about Schapelle, and about their complete failure to preserve a single frame of CCTV, from three terminals, on the day she flew. I've confirmed they're in receipt of it, and I look forward to their response. Further, this FOI application (to the AFP), is still under their consideration.

There is also an ongoing formal complaint to ACLEI, which they've stonewalled for five months, and major unanswered questions (I'm still awaiting a reply, and I'll continue to send reminders), to the Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O'Connor, here and here.

QANTAS Manager John Valastro (Security Strategy & Regulatory Affairs), is also in receipt of these direct questions (sent 22nd October 2010), though the corporation has already (publicly and point blank), refused to answer these queries.

Further still, despite this major crime occurring on the day Schapelle flew (involving the use of an innocent QANTAS passenger as a drug mule), no Australian baggage handlers were ever arrested or charged for their involvement - even though police openly said it could not have happened without their help. So I think another formal professional standards complaint (to the AFP), re this serious matter is warranted.

So, all in all, each day longer Schapelle spends in that hell hole, is another day of telling the World, and another day of more formal questions and complaints.

I look forward to your formal response to the above.

Regards, Kim

Friday, October 22, 2010

Schapelle Corby - The Cover Up Exposed, A Graphic Letter to the Editor

From left to right, Schapelle, Chris Ellison, and Chris Ellison's media advisor at the time of her arrest, Simon Troeth. Below the "Letter to the Editor," sent to 100's and 100's of local papers all over Australia, including the background link to verify (and posted on multiple Australian media Facebook pages), 139 words:

Schapelle come home soon. Those in power knew about our serious airport corruption. In May 2005, Chris Smith of Radio 2GB suggested you were an innocent drug mule, carrying a domestic load. Replying, reporter Martin Chulov said “It’s an entirely fair assumption. I did check on that theory and have made contact with two sources we’ve been dealing with extensively over the last couple of weeks and put that scenario to them,” adding “I think we’re looking at the dynamite nature of the allegations. It would be very difficult for the Minister to put that out publicly.” That same day, Justice Minister Chris Ellison's spin doctor hurriedly passed that on to customs without denial, or asking about the smugglers. He was just desperate to find the leaker. Now it’s time for Schapelle to return, and time for the truth.

Schapelle Corby - Betrayed by Government Lies

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Schapelle Corby & The ABC's Role in The QANTAS Cover Up

Click on the pic to enlarge & read.

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Schapelle Corby - Saving the Living, and Honouring the Dead

Good morning Andrew and Adam,

ACLEI have had this formal complaint re Schapelle's issues for over 5 months, and they're stonewalling. This innocent woman is dying in a Bali hell hole, and when I spoke to one of their officers to-day, he said he was "Too busy" to read recent correspondence - just like (I guess), ACLEI has been "Too busy" (and/or corrupt and indifferent), to investigate the questionable death of Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, after he blew the whistle on Australian airport corruption.

Sadly, it's too late save Gary, but Schapelle's still alive (just), so I'm formally asking both of you to demand an investigation moves forwards now, and demand ACLEI does its job. A 5 month delay in these urgent circumstances is a sick joke.

Further I will also be putting in a formal, professional standards complaint (this week), re the very senior AFP officer who told this lie to a Senate Committee, and forwarding that issue to ACLEI as well, for their deliberations.

And if Schapelle is still at risk in the very near future, in her squalid surroundings, continually exhibited like a monkey at the zoo by her jailers, then I think this whole can worms needs to be up-ended. I'll formally ask both of you to press for a Royal Commission into the death of Gary Lee Rogers. Those unanswered questions put every honest police officer in this country at risk, as the message is unmistakable. Blow the whistle on corruption and you die, and no-one will lift a finger. This thrusts a knife deep into the heart of justice and truth, and leaves a mortal wound. Are we nothing but a banana republic?

The QANTAS Cover Up contains a chapter on Gary, and it will shame this country on the World stage. But right now, the most urgent imperative is to rescue the living.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Schapelle Corby - The Money-Spinning White Monkey Behind Bars

Just sent this "Letter to the Editor" to 100's and 100's of local newspapers, all over Australia (86 words):

Schapelle’s jailer reckons she faking mental illness, and doesn’t want to let her go. He’s obviously desperate to keep the media backhanders every time she’s exhibited like a monkey at the zoo. And remind me again, why is it most of the Bali Bombers are free, after they shredded hundreds of innocent tourists, while a young Aussie woman with a law abiding history, and no hard evidence against her (the Bali court destroyed and/or denied everything she begged for), is doing more time than murderers?

Schapelle Corby - Dumb & Corrupt Aussie Media

Click on the pic below to read in full.

Schapelle Corby - Julia Gillard Runs Screaming From Justice

This major publication, The QANTAS Cover-Up is currently under contract to an international publisher who is confident it will sell in the hundreds of thousands, and these faxed questions to Julia and Brendan, re the shocking tax payer payout to the career criminal who stitched up innocent QANTAS passengers, will be a very prominent feature - ditto all my failed attempts to get a response from them (diarised). I rang both Julia's office to-day, and Brendan's. Both are running away at a million miles an hour. I'll call back again this afternoon.

Further, at the time of Schapelle's arrest, to-day's Facebook networks did not exist (they took off in September 2006). Now they do, to devastating effect, taking the message (on a regular basis), to the very heart of QANTAS's customer base, as per this QANTAS Facebook post of Thursday 14th October 2010.

And taking the message all over the World too. Here's UK Gallery 1 (reaching 3,642,335 British Facebook Fans, and 32 pages), and a graphic record of the writing on the wall. By this time next week, UK Gallery 1 will be joined by UK Galleries 2, 3, 4 & 5, of similar size, reaching over 18 million British Facebook Fans. And after that, one page from each gallery will be updated with comments every day - thus reaching over 18 million people every 32 days.

And here's a theme/gallery that's informing the Australian sporting World, one day at a time, over 31 days, until it's time to start at the top of the list again. Further themes (national and international), are in the pipeline.

And it's also time for The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity to get its act together, because they (too), are featured the above mentioned book. They've had this formal complaint for over 20 weeks now, so I rang them again to-day (diarised). Their officer was "Not available," so I left a message. If he doesn't call me back, I'll ring again (diarised).

I also rang the Australian Federal Police (again), to ensure they got this formal Professional Standards Complaint I posted to them last week (also reproduced in The QANTAS Cover Up). All I got was voicemail, so I left a message asking them to call me back (diarised). I'll phone them every day until they do (diarised).

There's no hiding place. Reality is thumping at the door, and it ain't going anywhere until someone lets it in.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Schapelle Corby - "Zolander" Rides Again at The Sydney Morning Herald

A few years ago, Sydney Morning Herald journalist Matthew Moore wrote a completely fabricated smear job about Schapelle, which broke just about every rule of professional journalism, and I'm following up his alleged "Facts" with some legitimate sources, such as these:
* The Australian Institute of Criminology

* The Australian Crime Commission

* The Australian Police Journal

* The Policing Studies Unit, Charles Sturt University (AFP approved course)

* United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime

* National Cannabis Prevention & Information Centre
And when I asked Peter Kerr what legitimate source he had in reply (to verify Matthew Moore's nutty article), he gave me, wait for it, "Zolander" !!!!! So who the hell is he (or she)? Well, we don't know, because when I asked Peter Kerr (above), he went into a sulk, and is now refusing to come out and play.

Seems "Zolander" writes anonymously on some really creepy/weirdo website, not linked (in any way), to any verifiable institution, or any verifiable info at all for that matter.

Where do they get journalism degrees from nowadays? The back of cornflake packets? And here's a thought, I'm a nurse, and if I did my job like these three jokers, I reckon the unfortunate patients in question would die like flies . . . .

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Telling Australians the Truth About The QANTAS Cover-Up, via the ABC

Click on the pic below to enlarge & read. Blog notes below.

ABC Australia has many Facebook pages. This particular one has over 17,500 fans - and on the evening of Thursday 7th October 2010, this explicit info in their front page comments thread potentially reached every one of them:
When is the ABC going to tell Australians about "Tom," the career criminal/QANTAS baggage handler (a long-time trafficker in marijuana and many other drugs), who was complicit in using the luggage of an innocent airline passenger to smuggle millions of dollars worth of cocaine into Australia, on the day Schapelle Corby flew? The Australian Government later indemnified him from all criminal charges, and paid him $800,000 to keep his mouth shut. Find out the shocking truth here, in this scorching new book, "The QANTAS Cover-Up":
So, get used to it ABC Australia, on all your pages, at regular intervals.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Matthew Moore, Sydney Morning Herald Journalist, Away with the Fairies


Matthew, I've got a few hundred fairies dancing in a circle at the bottom of my garden, if I call you up anonymously a few times, will you write about them? Anyway, here's a spoof I'm sure Matthew (and some other Sydney Morning Herald staffers), will recognise immediately. Enjoy.

Perhaps the most compelling reason so many Australians believe in common sense is obvious: why wouldn’t you?

While common sense might seem freely available, some, including those serving time in the local lunatic asylum, say that believing in it risky because you might wake up and find yourself in the real World.

For that reason, lunatics are prepared to pay premium prices for complete crap if they can get it from other lunatics, as this is the best way to ensure they stay away with the fairies at the bottom of their garden.

According to four asylum sources contacted by the Herald, including one former and one current lunatic, high-quality Australian crap, similar to that found in The Sydney Morning Herald, has been sold on a limited basis in the asylum for years, but only to lunatics.

One insane man, now in a straight jacket for possessing crap, said he knew of several lunatics who had been bringing strong Sydney Morning Herald crap into the asylum for years.

He said it brought "really good money", fetching about 50 per cent more than the Daily Telegraph crap that is more widely available for about 2 cents a paragraph on the wards.

He said the SMH crap was stronger than the Telegraph crap. "You just can't move, it's like brain dead," he said of its effect.

A lunatic who says he has lived in the asylum for 15 years contacted the Herald several times to say his children were often offered crap called "SMH Gold". The man, who refused to give his name, said the "premium print" from Australia sold for 6 cents a page or as much as 20 cents an edition.

Top-quality crap in Australia sells for about 4 cents a page although more when broken into smaller amounts.

An asylum crap dealer, who had spent some time in a straight jacket, said he had read the Australian "crap" many times, as had friends from Italy, Germany and Australia but he had never bought or sold any.

He recognised the crap as Australian as it was made up of large words, while the crap he sold, from Aceh in north Sumatra or from Malang in east Java, had much smaller words and a lot of pictures mixed in.

Despite requests from lawyers, asylum staff did not read the crap in the new inmate’s bag to find out where it was printed, or how bizarre it was. It is not certain if it was printed by corrupt journos, a method that increases its potency.

But when the bag of crap was displayed in the courtyard, it was clear it was made up of words the size of large dollar signs which emitted a powerful charisma whenever the plastic bag was opened.

While crap in the 1970s had bullshit (active ingredient) levels of between 1 per cent and 2 per cent, today's crap often had levels of 15 per cent - higher than Walt Disney.

The asylum crap dealer, who would not be named, said while there was a lot of crap for sale "it's hard for outsiders to get access to it" because they were so fearful of getting caught.

"It's safer for outsiders to bring their own. It's been happening for quite some time and it's not only “SMH Gold."

While he was aware of the importation of crap from Australia, he said it was more common for new inmates to bring in Hans Christian Anderson or Star Trek.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Asking Julia Gillard the Hard Questions on Facebook, Daily From Now On

Click on the pic to enlarge & read. Blog notes below.

Julia, can you please explain how and why, on the day Schapelle Corby flew from Sydney airport (8th Oct 2004), QANTAS baggage handlers at that airport were complicit in smuggling 10 kilos of cocaine in the bags of an innocent passenger:

And yet none were ever charged, and one of them (with an extensive criminal history, and a history of smuggling marijuana), nicknamed "Tom" by police, was rewarded with an $800,000 Government hand out, and allowed to keep three quarters of a million dollars he claimed to have earned "Honestly"? Do you think you might answer this now Julia, or wait until the book comes out, here's the details:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Oprah Greeted in Australia With a Sea of Placards, Flyers, You Tube Footage & Global Press Releases

Click on the pic/placard to enlarge & read. Blog notes below.

Dear Oprah,

Australia is looking forward to your visit in December 2010.

I hope you received our recent letter about Schapelle. Here's the Global press release/airport flyer to go with the above placard, and here's details of the coming book (it's a scorcher).

I'm sure many more of Schapelle's supporters (thousands and thousands of them), will be in touch with you soon as well.

Warmest wishes, Kim