Friday, October 22, 2010

Schapelle Corby - The Cover Up Exposed, A Graphic Letter to the Editor

From left to right, Schapelle, Chris Ellison, and Chris Ellison's media advisor at the time of her arrest, Simon Troeth. Below the "Letter to the Editor," sent to 100's and 100's of local papers all over Australia, including the background link to verify (and posted on multiple Australian media Facebook pages), 139 words:

Schapelle come home soon. Those in power knew about our serious airport corruption. In May 2005, Chris Smith of Radio 2GB suggested you were an innocent drug mule, carrying a domestic load. Replying, reporter Martin Chulov said “It’s an entirely fair assumption. I did check on that theory and have made contact with two sources we’ve been dealing with extensively over the last couple of weeks and put that scenario to them,” adding “I think we’re looking at the dynamite nature of the allegations. It would be very difficult for the Minister to put that out publicly.” That same day, Justice Minister Chris Ellison's spin doctor hurriedly passed that on to customs without denial, or asking about the smugglers. He was just desperate to find the leaker. Now it’s time for Schapelle to return, and time for the truth.