Saturday, October 23, 2010

Schapelle Corby & A Dangerously Incompetent Customs: A Formal Professional Standards Complaint


Below, a formal complaint to Australian Customs, via their Professional Standards Department:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to lodge a formal, professional standards complaint with your organisation in relation to a very serious matter.

As is evident from this letter from your Director of Internal Affairs Geoff Lanham, to Fiona Drennan of the Australian Federal Police (the same woman who in March 2010 refused to take my call, and allowed her officer John Kooyam to slam the phone down on me mid-sentence, when I tried to report the export of $40,000 worth of marijuana from Australia, a Federal crime), Australian Customs were in receipt of more than one serious report, detailing major corruption and security breaches at our airports.

I am formally complaining that:
  • Customs completely failed to act on the dangerous problems identified in these reports, or address them in any way.
  • Customs actively suppressed these reports, as quoted from the ABC: Monica Attard: Let's just recap because a lot of our audience may not be aware of exactly what happened to you. You worked for customs, airport security and in that capacity you wrote two reports on the parlous state of airport security in Sydney. You indentified a number of very serious problems which essentially were ignored by your superiors, that is to say that there was no action taken on what you had put in these reports. Allan Kessing: Well I must say they weren't ignored, they were suppressed and they were suppressed for the most banal of reasons, the commercial cost to the privatized airport corporation. If they were ignored, that would be one thing and you could just say oh well that was a bad judgment call. But they were not ignored, they were actually suppressed and we were told why they were suppressed because of the commercial cost.
  • Customs failed to provide this vital evidence of internal drug smuggling (e.g. corrupt staff using the bags of innocent airline passengers to secrete contraband), to the appropriate people, so it could be used in the defence of an Australian woman fighting for her life in a foreign land. In other words, I'm accusing you of being more concerned about covering up the truth, than in saving someone's life. Let's face it (and as you well know), there is NO flow of commercial marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali (now or ever). So if Schapelle's arrest (in those bizarre circumstances), a woman with no criminal convictions, and no criminal profile, didn't ring multiple alarms in your organisation, the only explanation is either gross incompetence, or gross corruption.
I look forward to your formal response to this formal complaint. Please also note (for your interest), that this correspondence, and your reply, will be included in this publication - and ongoing info is circulated via Facebook. Here are Facebook galleries/lists one, two, three and four. Twenty galleries (32 themed major pages each), are in development. On completion, millions of people can be kept in the loop every 32 days, via twenty "Comments" per day (one per gallery, per day).

Also (just for your interest and information), a professional standards complaints has also been lodged with the Australian Federal Police, re their lies to the ABC about Schapelle, and about their complete failure to preserve a single frame of CCTV, from three terminals, on the day she flew. I've confirmed they're in receipt of it, and I look forward to their response. Further, this FOI application (to the AFP), is still under their consideration.

There is also an ongoing formal complaint to ACLEI, which they've stonewalled for five months, and major unanswered questions (I'm still awaiting a reply, and I'll continue to send reminders), to the Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O'Connor, here and here.

QANTAS Manager John Valastro (Security Strategy & Regulatory Affairs), is also in receipt of these direct questions (sent 22nd October 2010), though the corporation has already (publicly and point blank), refused to answer these queries.

Further still, despite this major crime occurring on the day Schapelle flew (involving the use of an innocent QANTAS passenger as a drug mule), no Australian baggage handlers were ever arrested or charged for their involvement - even though police openly said it could not have happened without their help. So I think another formal professional standards complaint (to the AFP), re this serious matter is warranted.

So, all in all, each day longer Schapelle spends in that hell hole, is another day of telling the World, and another day of more formal questions and complaints.

I look forward to your formal response to the above.

Regards, Kim